Dogs go missing twice

Dogs go missing twice as much during Fireworks Season.

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New research by The Kennel Club found that the number of dogs going missing is twice as much during the fireworks season in the UK.

Eight in 10 owners reported that they observe a significant change in the behaviour of their canines, signifying that it’s quite a distressing time for the dogs. 

The United Kingdom’s largest microchip database, the Kennel Club’s Petlog found that the increase in the number of missing dogs happens during the fireworks and celebration week every year. 

The Firework Season

During the first week of November, Bonfire Night and Diwali are celebrated along with Fireworks displays across the UK.

In addition, when 1000 owners were surveyed, it was found that one-third of their dogs were extremely scared of the fireworks.

Excessive barking and becoming extra attached to the owners is some of the behavioural changes that were noticed. On the other hand, 25 percent of dog owners said that their dogs would avoid contact by trying to hide under surfaces. 

Some dogs were more direct in displaying signs of distress by crying or howling, excessive panting and pacing.  

Apart from the changes in behaviour, some owners noticed a rise in anxiety in their dogs. With 36 percent of people saying they think the festive week with fireworks makes their dog uneasy.

One in ten owners reported that their pet dog has attempted to or successfully managed to run away during the fireworks.  

Dog owners say that unexpected fireworks in the neighbourhood make their dogs scared. They try to bolt, many successfully managing to do so when owners were not prepared. Not being able to find their dog again is gut-wrenching for the owners.

Opinion by The Kennel Club

The chief executive of The Kennel Club, Mark Beazely, says that unexpected fireworks negatively impact dogs and have long term, devastating effects on them. The research has highlighted the wide range of negative impacts like crying, hiding, trembling and trying to run away. Owners have been worried about the safety and welfare of their beloved furry companions.

It’s crucial to be prepared and know what your dog needs. Since all dogs are different. Mark Beazely urges all dog owners, especially young puppies, to be carefull. Owners need to take all necessary precautions and steps to help their pets safely get through the fireworks season. He has also asked the people concerned with the fireworks display to be considerate towards pets.

Protect your dog this Fireworks Season?

Don’t leave your dog alone for long time. Stay close to your dog during fireworks to calm them down.

Before the arrival of Diwali and Bonfire Night, The Kennel Club has curated some tips and advice for pet owners.

  • Close curtains, windows and doors to lessen the flashing lights and noise.
  • Create a safe space for your pet and fill it with their favourite blankets, stiff toys, and chew treats. 
  • Additionally, please keep your pet distracted by playing with them or having the TV or radio switched on.

You can also make your dogs get used to the sounds of fireworks by playing this “firework pet training” playlist created by the club in the run-up to the festive week.

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