Dog Keeps Waiting At the Hospital For the Owner 3 Months After His Death in Wuhan, China

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The bond between man and dog is believed to be a miracle unlike any other. A dog’s unconditional love and adoration for its human family is often a true testament to their pure-hearted nature.

Japan had Hachiko, an Akita that kept waiting for its master to come back for years until it finally died waiting to meet his dead master. And Wuhan has Xiao Bao, the dog that has been patiently waiting at a hospital lobby for the past 3 months for his master to come and retrieve him.

Wuhan became the primary epicenter of the pandemic COVID 19 in the month of January. Like millions of other citizens of Wuhan, Xiao Bao’s owner, a pensioner in his 60’s also fell ill and decided to visit the Taikang Hospital in Wuhan with his dog.

Dog keeps waiting at the hospital for the owner 3 months after his death in Wuhan, China
Image from The Quint

Unknown to the dog, his owner’s condition worsened and he passed away 5 days after being admitted to the hospital. Xiao Bao had no idea about the incident. The 7 yrs old kept waiting for his master in the lobby patiently without disturbing anybody.

The nurse at the hospital did not think much about the incidence and often fed the dog food and water until they noticed that the dog never went far from his spot and this continued for almost 3 months before some patients decided to lodge a formal complaint about a missing dog.

It was only then that people got to know about the gut-wrenching emotional story and Xiao Bao’s story went viral on social media. Garnering over millions of views and likes the tweet has been shared and reshared countless times. 

Animal rescue and shelter of Wuhan has received a huge number of requests for adoption of Bao along with the donation to help him live well until he is adopted. This incident once again proved how precious and loving dogs are.

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