Dog Fart Is So Bad That The Cat Pukes

Dog Fart Is So Bad That The Cat Pukes

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Dogs are very amiable and cute creatures. We all agree to that. Maybe not us all. Definitely not this cat in this video after it inhaled the dog fart. 

In this ridiculous video, a doggy is seen farting the longest fart you would ever have seen. The fart makes you laugh so hard because the dog in the video is such an unaware creature. He is just doing his natural duty.  

The cat in the video gives the funniest reaction ever. She does what people mimic doing after someone farts. Yes, she pukes. She pukes all over the floor from her place above the door jam.

The whole scenario is recorded by a guy from his couch. Such a nice display of creaturely reactions. Dog farting, cat puking and humans laughing.

No one was hurt during the making of this video, except maybe your stomach after you finish watching it.

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