‘Black lives matter’ - even dogs seem to be agreeing to fight for the cause

‘Black lives matter’ – even Dogs seem to be Agreeing to Fight for the Cause

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On May 25th the United States of America saw one of the most inhuman acts being committed. George Floyd, a 46 yrs old black American citizen was tortured and killed by fellow American policemen in broad daylight amidst many spectators.

This created a butterfly effect and the entire democratic nation rose up to protest against the violent act committed. Curfews and rallies have become an integral part of the happenings in the past week despite the dangerous situation created by Corona Pandemic.

Amidst the intense fight for justice, one of the demonstrators clicked a photograph that has garnered the interest of [people worldwide faster than one could expect. The first and only one of a kind photograph has had over 9 million views and over a million likes and retweets.

In addition to the original post on Twitter, it has also gone viral in other social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, and many more. Many have commended the owner for taking such an innovative approach to reach out to a larger public. However, some of the dog lovers raised the question of the safety of the cute cuddle bundle and wanted assurance that his safety was well taken care of.

Sarah Emrick, the 2 yrs old Spaniel’s mother stated that she was peacefully protesting against the abhorrent act with her dog Buddy and she was very mindful of Buddy’s safety during the entire session.

As a show of gratitude and thanks to all the concerned people worldwide, Sarah even shared a picture via her twitter handle post the rally where Buddy can be seen relaxing on the bed happily and without any harm.


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