Viral Video: An Indian Beggar Feeds Stray Dogs From His Plate

Viral Video: An Indian Beggar Feeds Stray Dogs From His Plate

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Kindness is a simple quality that creates massive positive ripples. It doesn’t cost you anything to be kind and yet it impacts profoundly.

The most recent viral video online is something that will move every viewer. A video by Susanta Nanda, an IFS (Indian Forest Service) officer, which was shared on Twitter, shows an old beggar feeding two stray dogs from his plate. It was captioned, “Poor by wealth. Richest by heart”, which beautifully captures the essence of the video. Watch the video here, and you will surely be moved to contribute as well.

From the video, you can note how the old man himself is malnourished and weak. Yet he goes on to feed the dogs, as a person who has experienced hunger himself.

As of now, the video has more than eighty thousand views and has gained thousands of comments in praise of the old man. Viewers were really touched by this act of compassion and also commented on how good values like these are rapidly diminishing in the current society.

Videos like these also reassure us that the world is not all bad and that a few good souls like this old beggar are beacons of hope and positive change.

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India has a huge population of stray dogs and especially in this current situation, many of them are starving to death. Feeding them is a simple gesture that has a greater effect – you save a life. Similarly, in the past week, another popular video showed a shopkeeper welcoming a dog to take shelter inside his shop amidst heavy rain. This video was shared on Instagram and was highly appreciated for the kind gesture.

The video has gained over twenty thousand views and the comments highlighted and stressed the importance of kindness, especially in these challenging times. Always remember to be kind!

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