Watch An adorable little dog popping balloons to bag A Guinness World Record

Watch: An adorable little dog popping balloons to bag A Guinness World Record

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Many of us, as kids, have experienced the thrill of running to the library before anyone else, in order to get our hands on the latest Guinness Book of World Records. It was the photos, mind-boggling facts and incredible records that made the lively trip to the library worth it. In fact, some of us even today take to social media to learn about new, extraordinary facts.

If you are one of these people, well you are in for some treat.

Guinness World Records (GWR) often takes to their social media platforms, to share videos that show people setting a variety of records. However, this latest video is just another addition but with a twist. It shows the record set by a dog named Twinkie. In the video, the dog blows up 100 balloons and this engaging clip has simply won the hearts of millions. Without any doubt, this sweet video will leave you with a smile too.

Take a look at Twinkie, zealously creating the world record:

The video displays about a hundred red balloons attached to the ground, and Twinkie the little Pooch diving right into them as soon as its owner and trainer, Dory Sitterley, puts it down. Twinkie doesn’t stop before popping each balloon, showing off her “popping power” to the audience.

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Sharing this old video, Guinness World Records wrote, “This puppy is so proud of his popping power.” They further added that this Jack Russell Terrier from the US has set the record, in 2014, for “the fastest time by a dog to pop 100 balloons”. The dog did this in 39.08 seconds. Currently, however, the record is held by a Whippet named Loughran Christmas, who took the world record title after achieving the feat in 28.22 seconds.

The heart-melting clip has garnered over a million likes since it was posted nearly 17 hours ago and the numbers are only increasing.

One Instagram user wrote, “This is all the stuff I needed today.” “I like to tease the little tail at the end,” shared another.


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