Couple adopts 15 puppies after their dogs were culled amidst Covid fears

A Vietnamese couple adopted 15 puppies to move on after authorities killed their 12 dogs out of the fear of Covid spread.

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A heartbreaking incident broke a couple in Vietnam. Authorities decided to kill 12 dogs who belonged to Pham Minh Hung and Nguyen Thi Chi Em. The authorities took the decision to cull the dogs to prevent the spread of covid 19.

The incident left a scar on the lives of the couple. They lost 12 of their dogs in one single incident. It took some time to get back to normal lives.

Once they were back to their senses, they took a decision which is making them famous now. To overcome their loss and to get over the grief, they decided to adopt 15 new puppies.

As per the reports of BBC, it was in 2021 October, the couple Pham Minh Hung and Nguyen Thi Chi Em were staying at the house of one of their relatives because of highly rising covid cases in the province of Long An where the couple actually works.

Why did the authorities kill the dogs?

The relatives were 280 kilometres away. The couple took the journey along with their 12 dogs who were dear to them. Travelling 280 Kilometres at the time of rising covid cases was a risk. But they took the journey. To their misfortune, when they arrived at Khanh Hung, the district of their relatives, the couple tested positive for the Covid-19 virus which has killed millions the world over. The authorities admitted the couple to the hospital for proper care and treatment.

Their dogs were left alone. The authorities decided to put the dogs in the quarantine center. But later, the couple got to know that the authorities decided to cull all of their 12 dogs out of the fear of the spread of covid-19 without asking the couple.

As Per the BBC report

As per the BBC report, Pham Minh Hung said, when I got the news of my dogs being killed, I was shattered. I was already suffering from covid and my family was under a lot of pressure. We could not do anything.

Cut to a year, Covid-19 is a little under control. So now the couple decided to move forward with their lives. The best that came to their brains was to adopt new fifteen puppies. Out of the fifteen dogs, a few were rescued from the dog meat shops.

The couple shared their whole story on TikTok. Their story gained too much popularity. This story has led to people sending some donations to them.

Talking about his new journey, Pham Told the media, ‘ I love my 15 dogs too much. Raising 15 children at the same time can be really expensive but then I got a little help from a few people. It is going to be an exciting journey for us as a family.

Netizens appreciated this act of the couple. The couple got praises from people around the world. Rightly so, the act of the couple is worth appreciation.

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