Mama Linky delivered eight puppies with a little fragile who needed feeding on the tube to survive.

A Girl helps a dog mama deliver puppies at 2 am and takes care of them in a viral video.

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In the trends of today all over the internet, there is something that will melt your heart. A video that went viral on the internet shows a deep love between a dog and a girl. Love of a kind is pure love, selfless and unconditional. In the video, the girl is taking care of the newborn puppies of a dog that she herself helped deliver.

The video was originally posted on Instagram. It was posted on an account that is solely dedicated to the dogs’ videos. The video was captioned ‘ Linky did it successfully. She delivered puppies successfully at 2 am with the help of her little mom Chloe. These two make a good team. Their bond is unbreakable. You won’t find a team better than these two. Mama Linky has delivered 8 puppies in total. 7 of them are perfectly healthy but the 8th one is a little fragile. The 8th one will require tube feeding to survive. The mama and the babies look healthy and happy.’

The video that was posted starts with the mama dog licking her puppies all over and loving them. She is nursing the puppies to make them further healthy. The clip shows all the puppies lying around their mama. The mama is loving them all equally. Behind the little family, the girl named Chloe can be seen sitting with a wide smile who helped mama Linky in delivering her babies at 2 am.

The girl is taking care of the little family-

Later in the video, it can be seen that Chloe, the girl, is serving something to the mama who needs to recover from the excruciating pain that she went through to deliver the babies.

It has been a few days since the video was posted online. Since then, more and more people are sharing the video and that made it viral. The video has accumulated a good number of views and likes.

People are commenting down in the comments section and appreciating the little girl Chloe along with mama Linky. A user wrote ‘ I love the bond these two shares, they are so comfortable in the company of each other.’ another went on to call the little girl ‘A superb little Vet.’

People are appreciating the efforts of the girl Chloe who handled this task at 2 am in the morning and mama Link who brought 8 healthy puppies to the world. The act of the girl is worth appreciation. Probably, we need to learn from her that love is best expressed in times of crisis in the form of actions that comforts the other.

The video is wholesome, full of love, and will force you to go ‘Aww’ as this is probably the most adorable video you will see on the internet today.

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