A Dog Steals Hearts of Viewers As He Interrupts A Weather Forecast in This Adorable Video!

A Dog Steals Hearts of Viewers As He Interrupts A Weather Forecast in This Adorable Video!

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The internet buzzes with many viral videos and interesting stuff every day, which steals our hearts and we can’t stop talking about it. Whether it is a scam bust, or a cute baby video or any meme-able photo of a human stuck in a funny situation with a bizarre expression, or an animal caught doing things they have never done, the internet is always up and ready with more! But the best videos that go viral are none but dog or cat videos. While cats are quite funny with their signature catty attitude, dogs will always warm your hearts with something cute and lovable!

So while work from home is the new big thing all over the world with most of the people, be it office workers or students and teachers, delivering work and assignments or tests and assessments sitting right at home across to the desired destination, we find a similar situation with weather forecasting. But what is peculiar about this particular forecast we are talking about, let’s have a look!

The trending video shows a dog crashing the weather forecast with mischief as the reporter doesn’t know what to do! Reporter Andrew Feinberg shared the video and the internet is abuzz with it since then, obsessing over the golden retriever Brody. The video clip features Paul Dellegatto, who was working from home by filming the segment when the hilarious crash took place. It shows the dog, Brody, bumping into the computer, followed by a knock off, of the weather map, and finally jumping into his owner’s lap.

Dellegatto then remarks the dog of the act being ‘not a very smart one’, but Brody doesn’t care. He just yawns and makes it clear that it is meal time and no one, not even work can interrupt the food time session. The dog was the star of the show and stole the spotlight only after stealing our melting hearts!

Twitter couldn’t stop talking about the same with tweets on the video showcase hoe hilarious the whole video was. Comments even requested more forecasts with furry four-legged pals, although this was a total blooper!

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