A dog in full rage at night

A dog in full rage at night-

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Recently a video went viral all across social media. The video captured on the CCTV shows a dog going out in full rage all night. The dog named Gilligan is a rescue dog who escaped from his cage at the Bedford County Humane Society in Pennsylvania. He roamed around his shelter all night in a full rage.

By realizing the freedom at night, the dog went on to destroy everything and anything that came in his way. He roamed around all the shelter and found the night as the perfect opportunity to destroy whatever he could find.

What happened was realized when the next morning an employee of the shelter came back to his job. He found the shredded and torn toys lying all around. He saw that the rooms and halls were all mess with everything lying around, either broken or damaged and Shot a video of the scene and posted it on TikTok on January 14th.

The video was widely shared on social media. It has gained around 2.4 million views ever since it was uploaded. Netizens could not believe that all the damage shown in the video was done by one dog in one single night. Everyone was surprised to see the mess in the video.

What happened to dog named Gilligan?

Well, if you are worried about Gilligan, he didn’t get into any trouble. He is still what he was. He is the shelter’s official greeter. Gilligan is just following a few rules as of now. He is definitely not allowed to roam around the rooms, halls and the shelter altogether at nights.

The shelter authorities learnt their lesson.

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