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Are Spaying And Neutering Healthy For My Dog?

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It’s been established long before now that spaying and neutering can attract many health benefits, but the truth is, we are dealing with a surgical procedure, and surgeries could be dangerous. If you’ve tarried in that mood of thinking whether to take the action of spaying/neutering your dog or whether to decline, you are in the right place.

Here you will find a solution to your most common worries regarding spaying and neutering.

This article aims to uncover the hidden risks and the good benefits associated with spaying and neutering, with healthy tips on how to approach this idea of rendering dogs unproductive, to keep dogs safe and help dog owners achieve their goal of providing the best care for their dogs.

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But first, for the sake of clarity, let’s explain some terms.

Neutering is the same process but for the male dog, neutering is otherwise called castration. Neutering has to do with the taking away of the male dog’s testicles, in a bid to render the dog sterile, this will also affect his breeding instincts, however, this is usually not as effective for the all-male dog, some castrated male dogs can still hump and/or exhibit some dog behaviour problems.

We can, on the other hand, trace this alteration in behaviour to age.

To be clear, this act should not be looked upon as brutality or abuse on the dog side, the surgical operation is rather to the dog’s benefit, even to a larger extent.

The health benefits associated with this surgery are beyond comparison; in the next few lines, we will be disclosing the shocking benefits of this surgical process and how it can utterly improve the lifestyle of your dog.

  • Spaying/neutering increases the life span of dogs.
  • It prevents the dog from terrible health situations like uterine infections.
  • Neutering prevents testicular cancer in male dogs
  • Male dogs are expressive, they want to express their animal desires, fight and play with other dogs, and sometimes this will cause the dog to stray from home and might never return if he is unable to find his way home.
The issue with Spaying and Neutering

Vulnerability to illness or diseases: Allowing your female dog to observe her first heat process before engaging her in the surgery will enable her estrogen receptor to mature appropriately, it will likewise cause the genitalia organs to mature naturally –keeping her away from inverted vulvas which often results in incontinence. 

Change in behaviour: Neutering can stir up a high volume of negative effects in a dog’s behavior, it tends to cause a shift in the mental balance of dogs; triggering certain undesirable behaviors in them and causing them to act differently.

The following aftermath attitudes include heightened fear, over-expression of excitement, hyped aggressiveness, etc. Thankfully, there are reliable approaches and methods that can help dogs recover fast, this trusted technique will help the dog regain sanity in no time.

Check out these techniques to improve your dog’s life.

We have to also acknowledge that surgical procedure involves cutting-off of body parts, these splitting of the body parts can provoke body discomfort, or stimulate alterations in their body system; it can also result in internal or external bleeding. So, indeed, there is a risk dimension of this surgery.

Please always ensure you consult an experienced Vet before proceeding to surgery.

Undeniably, the advantage of spaying and neutering greatly outweigh the disadvantages, if you’ve once considered taking your dog for a spaying or neutering operation, don’t guess for a second, your thought is leading you in the right direction. All you need to do is get a professional to handle the operation.

Testicular cancer is common in male dogs, to know if your dog has it, regularly observe the two testicles of the dog, check if one of them is bigger. When one testicle is larger than the other it’s an indication of the presence of tumor –at this stage, make haste and remove the testicles. In essence, neutering is a sure way of helping male dogs escape testicular cancer.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this topic, feel free to drop a text in the comment section.

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