how to keep your dog happy

How To Keep Your Dog Happy

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Dogs are one of the most loyal creatures of all time. They love and adore their family and their hooman more than their own lives. Dogs are our best friends, and who wouldn’t want their best little buddy to be as happy and content as they possibly can be, running around in the house, licking your face snuggling with you. Well, if you, like us would do all that it takes to keep our furry friend happy, then take a look at the list of things that you could do to keep your pooch happy and smiling (yes they can do that.)

1. Be your Dog’s Best Friend

Socialize your dog so that he/she is also comfortable with the external world by meeting new people, places, other pets. We understand that the majority of you are out of the house for most parts of your day working and have to leave your dogs at home and in most cases alone.

Well, it is what it is and you will have to go out of the house for work or something else and leave your dog behind, even if you don’t like it. Gradually your dogs get accustomed to this lifestyle and it will not bother them anymore.

But that does not mean that your dog is happy with the situation, in such a scenario what you could do to make your dog happy is, that every day after coming back home you give your little buddy the much-deserved time and attention. They don’t ask for too much but a few kisses and pats, belly rubs, and you tell them what a good boy they’ve been. Do not forget to snuggle with them at night, why not make them and yourself a little extra happy and cheerful.

2. Take them on Walk-Dates

Take them on Walk-Dates
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We couldn’t emphasize enough how much your dog loves walking. The mere mention of the word ‘walk’ makes them jump with happiness. Just like you are not a fan of being stuck in the house all day long, neither is your pooch. Try to take your dog out on a walk once before you leave for work in the morning, and then when you come back, and see for yourself how happy your dog will be.

3. Upskill their Game

There is no disputing the fact that dogs are fast learners and can learn at any age. So whether you get a tiny little puppy or a senior dog from a shelter, you can start training him at whatever age you bring him home. Training your dog is one of the best ways to spend more time around him and this will make your dog happy whereas knowing what exactly you expect from him makes your bond with him stronger. If you are not sure how to begin or proceed with training your little buddy, then contact a certified trainer and they will help you out. Try to make the entire training process a fun experience for your dog.

4. Let them make new friends

Let them make new friends
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It is very easy for dogs to make friends (obviously), they are social animals. So allow your dog to meet new people and their dogs and socialize with them, this will keep their morale high and make them happy. If your dog is an introvert do not introduce him to a lot of people at the same time nor introduce him to new people every other day, this can intimidate him. Introduce him with one person at a time and give him time to get comfortable around them before introducing him to someone new. Always keep your dog’s personality in mind before they socialize.

5. Keep them in Good Shape

Health is not developed by only what you feed your dog but also by exercise. If your dog is at home all the time and never exercising, then the chances are that he will become lazy and dull, and we are sure you don’t want that. Take your dog out for walks, play some fun games with him like fetch or tug of war whenever you get the time and this will keep him happy and healthy. As winter is here, here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your dog safe from cold in winters.

6. Serve them wholesome food

Serve them wholesome food
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A well-fed dog is always a happy dog. Give your dog nourished food, and while you are thinking about what exactly to feed your dog, keep in consideration your dog’s and his energy level and feed him accordingly. Try to maintain a homemade well-balanced diet, that will ensure that your dog gets all the necessary proteins and vitamins.

7. Pamper them with toys

Much like human kids, dogs love toys and the best part is that they don’t easily get bored of playing with the same toys. So if you want to make your dog happy, buy him a few dog toys like a ball or a frisbee, a chew toy and give your dog these toys in rotation and he will not be bored of these toys for a long time.

8. Give him treats and Fancy chews

Give him treats and Fancy chews
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This is a must, as important as it is to give your dog a nourishing diet, it is also important to give him treats or some fancy dog safe homemade cake this Christmas to make them feel special. There are a lot of options for dog treats available, bring them home, and make your dog very happy.

There is nothing more satisfying than a happy dog at home. To see your little buddy happy everyday is fulfilling in itself. All you need to give them is time and attention (and of course treats and toys every now and then) and your dog will live a happy and cheerful long life.

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