Getting A New Puppy In 2022 A Practical Guide

Getting A New Puppy In 2022: A Practical Guide

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Getting a new puppy can be a very exciting time for the whole family but there is a lot of things to take into consideration when going on this journey.

The full experience is not all fluffy and cute for everyone and without the correct level of preparation or understanding of this, things could end up not being as great as you imagined. Below are some main points to take into consideration.

Rescue Dogs

Rescue Dogs

Unfortunately, many puppies find themselves in dog rescue centres as they could be unwanted by the owners or even have some pre-existing medical conditions.

It is an unfortunate truth that many dogs will end up being put to sleep as the number of dogs in these centres is overwhelming. Getting a puppy from a rescue centre is probably one of the cheapest options as you often just have to pay an adoption fee. 

This is also a very good deed if the owner has the time and commitment to care for one from these homes. One thing to bear in mind though is the health status of the puppy as you won’t know the full background.

As a result, it is important to get a full medical assessment of the puppy so you can plan effectively to manage any pre-existing medical condition.


With most pets it is important to consider a good level of insurance cover for them. You never know what will happen in the future and with this, there could be a considerable cost associated with this.

Medical fees associated with caring for a pet could be a lot of hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Pet insurance companies like Petsure for example offer different levels of pet insurance you can tweak depending on what exactly you want to be covered.

One way to make the insurance quote cheaper is to look at the levels of excess applied. The more excess that is applied, the cheaper the monthly payments will be.


Dog Breed

Some people will be quite fussy about the type of breed that they purchase as a puppy and others are happy to take any type of dog into their home.

It is important though to understand that between dog breeds there are all types of differences in terms of behaviours and even life span. For example, Collies are highly energetic and known as “working dogs” so you will need to be prepared to exercise it a lot and keep it active or it could become bored and destructive. 

Some dogs are more prone to medical issues or need more human attention than others.

When you get a puppy, it is also important to remember that no matter the breed you get, you should not remove the dog from its mother’s care until after around 12 weeks as doing so could really scare the puppy and potentially scar them for it a long time.

Respect the puppy’s connection with its mother until it is time to take it. If a breeder is willing to let you have the puppy prior to the 12-week mark, and they won’t let you meet the mother, that should be a big red flag that they are not a safe and trustworthy breeder.


In summary, make sure that you think this through before jumping into it. Consider the breed, consider the insurance and consider the attention and time you can offer a puppy. Remember a dog is not just for Christmas! Treat them with all the care and attention that they need, and you will have a loyal and loving companion.

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