The Untapped Guide of Aussiedoodle - That Virtually No One Knows About

The Untapped Guide of Aussiedoodle

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Sometimes referred to as Einstein, The Aussiedoodle Dog Breed is one of the cutest pups you’ll ever see. A breed of dog that is affectionate and energetic. Those who are enthusiastic enough to keep up with them make entertaining and devoted pets. It’s a product of cross-breeding between an Australian shepherd and a standard poodle. The intelligence of both parent breeds is passed down to Aussiedoodles. Their coats come in a variety of colours, but they are always curly and velvety to the touch. The soft coat is often hues of black, gray, and white, with a texture that ranges from somewhat wavy to highly wavy to curly, similar to that of a Poodle.


For millennia, people have crossed different breeds of dogs. Many popular purebreds, such as the Black Russian Terrier, Doberman Pinscher, German Wirehaired Pointer, Affenpinscher, Australian Shepherd, Leonberger, and others, got their start in this way. 

Aussiedoodle, a cross-breed, has become popular in the past decade or two. A hybrid of two smart dogs has been around for a long time. This breed doesn’t share a more profound history than their parent breeds. Poodle originated in France and the Australian shepherd in the western United States. The name Aussie doodle sounds very Australian, but the species did not originate in Australia but the United States in the late 90s. 

It is one of the most sought-after cross breeds as it has both hypoallergenic intelligence traits from its parent breed poodle, along with the Australian shepherd’s clever and protective nature. Originally used as farm dogs, they later became popular family dogs because of their passed-on traits. 


Aussiedoodle Appearance

The appearance of an Aussie doodle depends upon the parents’ breeds; it’s very unpredictable. There are Various generations and mixes of Aussiedoodles:

  • F1, this is the first generation, i.e. the cross between a poodle and an Australian shepherd.
  • F1b this is the cross between F1 and a poodle or an Australian shepherd
  • F2 a cross between two F1

Based on the above crosses and combinations, an Aussie doodle comes in different colours and sizes. Crossbreeding brings out the beauty in this breed. The coat can be straight, wavy, curly, and hypoallergenic. The more poodle characteristic an Aussiedoodle gets, the more hypoallergenic and refined in stature it becomes. 

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The Australian shepherd traits ensure the beautiful colour coat in Aussie doodles from black, white, brown to different combinations; merle or multicoloured coats are the most frequent. If the shepherd traits dominate in an amount, the appearance is more fluffy and less hypoallergenic. The eye colour of Aussie doodles varies from blue-green to even two different eye colours.

Size of Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodle Size

Aussiedoodle is relatively a new breed with an average medium size, though the size depends upon its parent breeds. On average, a standard Aussie doodle can grow up to a height of 10-15 inches, a weight of around 20 to 70lb. Whereas the miniatures, the name suggests, are smaller in size from the standard, weighing 15 to 45 pounds and a height of 10 to 15 inches.

During the breeding process between Poodle and Australian shepherd, the latter prefers females because of the size difference. A standard poodle may not be able to carry the size of the fetus as Australian shepherds are more oversized.


Aussiedoodle is hybrid or designer dogs since they are developed specifically to enhance the temperament, texture, personality of their parent breed.

  • – They are very intelligent and smart. This cute pal is more on the intellectual side, but with intelligence comes stubbornness. But this can be handled with good training. 
  • Being playful and affectionate, Aussie doodles can sometimes be very needy. They seek attention from their owner, which makes the owner feel wanted and loved.
  • They are the most caring dog breeds, and they will swoon you with their care and affection. Everything they do will revolve around their owner.
  • They are very playful. They are very active and full of energy, always wanting stimulation from their owner.
  • Aussiedoodle have good insight. They can predict the behaviour and detect any state of distress in their owner, and they can read your thoughts.
  • They may even be described as friendly, funny, and goofy.

Health and care

Aussiedoodle Health and Care

Aussiedoodle is a much healthier breed of dog. Their average lifespan is 10 to 12 years, but sometimes this depends on the dog size. The miniature Aussie doodle can surpass a few years more than the standard size Aussie doodle. But like any other dog breed, they are prone to some diseases. Usually, these are the same diseases that run in Australian shepherd and poodle family trees. Some of them are:

-Hip dysplasia

Canine hip dysplasia usually occurs in big dogs. The ball and socket do not fit or grow properly in dogs with hip dysplasia, and they rub and grind instead of moving smoothly. This causes the joint to lose its function. This is the most severe issue concerning an Aussie doodle.


Cataracts grow in dogs the same way as humans do with age. A foggy coating forms on the eye’s lens, preventing light from entering. Diabetes can also cause cataracts in your dogs. Poodles are prone to cataracts; it’s hereditary in them. Thus making Aussie doodles more open to it. 


Epilepsy is a broad name for various diseases defined by repeated, spontaneous seizures caused by a brain malfunction. It’s possible that the disorder is hereditary and caused by structural issues in the brain, or an unknown reason might cause it. There is currently no commonly accepted categorization system for seizures in dogs.

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Sebaceous adenitis

Sebaceous adenomas are made up of tiny clusters of big round cells with homogeneous eccentric round to oval nuclei on a cytological level. The cells are connected. Sebaceous adenomas can occur everywhere on the body; however, they are most commonly found on the head.

Progressive retinal atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy refers to a group of hereditary retinal illnesses characterized by degeneration and loss of retinal structure, as well as varying degrees of blindness. PRA manifests itself in a variety of ways, all of which are progressive and bilaterally symmetric. Many purebred and mixed-breed dogs are susceptible to sickness. In most cases, the dog’s inheritance is autosomal recessive.


Aussiedoodle’s diverse weight range makes becoming overweight or obese a major worry. Excessive weight ultimately leads to heart disease, joint difficulties, and diabetes.

For better health and prolonged lifespan of your Aussie doodle, you must take good care.

  • Exercise. A moderate amount of exercise with your Aussie doodle will keep him lean, muscled, not overweight, and active. Maintaining a healthy weight in your Aussie doodle will ensure the minimum risk of hip dysplasia. Start with small walks daily or 10-20 min jogging thrice a week. Engage them in canine sports, hiking, hide and seek, fetch play, etc.
  • Diet. Always make sure what your dog is eating. Diets that are substantial and well-balanced are beneficial to them. Dry food without any grain is the best choice. The healthier he eats, the healthier the body and energy levels are. Give them snacks in moderation.
  • Attention. One of the traits of an Aussie doodle is that they are very energetic and sometimes become needy. So never forget to give them attention. A healthy, happy dog gets a lot of love and playfulness from its owner.
  • Observation. Keeping an eye on your dog and regular assessment will be suitable for detecting any conditions and irregularities. 
  • Stress. Not just humans experience stress; dogs do too. They can become agitated and anxious sometimes because of the environment around them. Reduce your Aussiedoodle stress by taking care, observing what stresses them, exercising, and providing safety. 
  • Schedule. One should never forget to take their dog to a veterinarian. If something is a miss from your observation, a vet can detect it. 

Grooming of Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodle Grooming

Like their parents, Aussie doodles are not on the low-maintenance side. Grooming may be more critical for certain Aussiedoodles than others because of breeding variances. They may shed from moderate to light, as they are not always hypoallergenic depending upon the parent breed. 

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Brushing a curly dog every other day is recommended, with professional grooming once a month. A wavy type, on the other hand, will probably only need combing once a week. Drooling is never an issue with Aussie doodles.

Oral hygiene

The miniature Aussie doodle needs extra dental care from you. The smaller dogs are more prone to dental and gum problems. Regular brushing is essential. You can always take advice and suggestions from your veterinarian.

Training and Obedience

As we know now, Aussie doodles are very intelligent and upbeat dogs; hence they are effortless to train. The process of training them is easy and enjoyable as they like to stay busy and please their owner. This crossbreed is brilliant, so you have to be very careful while training them as you may train them for wrong things without even realizing your mistake. Their easy grasp of training makes them incredible therapy dogs. An Aussie doodle needs obedience training as they may outsmart you by their brilliance.


Aussiedoodles Affability

Aussiedoodle is charming, sweet, and bright pups, but sometimes their herding behaviour gets the best of them. A pup of about two months may show this behaviour more often, so one must be careful at that stage as the environment has a role in determining a dog’s temperament.

He might nib your heels, high pitched barking at moments, chase small kids and animals, etc. To subdue this behaviour, training is needed but with affection and care. Minor children should be taught how to interact with them at this stage safely.

With the correct approach, these make an excellent family dog. 

These gorgeous dogs are friendly; they will charm you, adore you, protect you and do everything while keeping you in their thoughts. Children and Aussie doodles have the same energy levels; they may spend hours outside, exhausting both the dog and themselves. It is not uncommon for an Aussie doodle to herd small children, which may be helpful in taking good care of them.

Fun and Facts of Aussiedoodle

Aussiedoodles Fun and facts
  • They make great challengers for agility competitions.
  • Because of their high friendly traits, they make deep bonds with their family.
  • These canines are going to melt your heart by teasing you with gifts.
  • This hybrid is job-oriented. Once you give them a job, they will be more than happy to do it.
  • The lengthy hair around their mouths is going to make dripping inevitable.
  • Because of their insight capabilities, Aussie doodles become excellent support and therapy dogs.
  • The breed loves  swimming.
  • These gorgeous pups love cuddles. You may always expect to wake up with them next to you.

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