Dogs, Cats and Comedians - It's Stand Pup Comedy Online!

Upcoming Pet Event for Dogs, Cats and Comedians – It’s Stand Pup Comedy Online!

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Want to roll on the floor laughing with your pets and meet cute adoptable pets, all while sitting on your bed? The hot event is here. Pitman Revitalization Corp is excited to announce the Dogs, Cats and Comedians – It’s Stand Pup Comedy Online!

Watch humans making your stomach ache with laughter and meet adoptable pets who would make you smile with their silliness. 

About the event

Gather your whole family for the heartwarming occasion and laugh with an open heart. The event is all age-appropriate where little children can enjoy their four-legged friends on the television.

The event would aim at raising awareness and funds for local shelters and adoption centres. 

In the past, the event has featured celebrities like Kate Flannery from The Office, America’s Got Talent’s Drew Lynch, Emma Willman from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and many other well-known names. 


The event would feature celebrity comedians and adoptable dogs and cats. 

Participants of the event

The event exhibits the participation of these pet-loving organisations that aim at making your day with some talented comedians and pups.

  • Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter
  • Motley Zoo Animal Rescue – 13 Year Anniversary
  • Oregon Humane Society
  • The Animal Pad
  • The Kris Kelly Foundation

Day of the event

Mark your calendars for the 24th of February, 2022.


Your couch or better, your lawn if that is what you prefer. Wait for the zoom link that would be provided to you on the day of the event.

Sit anywhere or everywhere at once and watch the whole event from the comfort of your home. 


The tickets for the Dogs, Cats and Comedians – It’s Stand Pup Comedy Online! would cost you the following prices –

  • Early booking – $20
  • Donation – Free
  • General tickets – $25

The ticket price would be non-refundable unless the event is cancelled from the producers’ side. The event might resort to change or cancellation. 


Contact the event organisers at


The event is produced by Comic Cure and aims at supporting rescue and rehabilitation shelters. 

About the hosts

Pitman Revitalization Corporation works as the organisation raising money for the revitalization of Pitman. Their agenda revolves around attracting business to Pitman and beautifying it. 

They have taken up various events in the past to forward their goal including creativity and cycle sports events.

The Dogs, Cats, Comedians – It’s Stand Pup Comedy! is another one of their unique events with a dual aim of helping pet shelters and beautifying Pitman at the same time. 

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