Upcoming Pet Event: Drive Through the Jurassic Quest With your pup!!

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Imagine the thrilling experience of living among dinosaurs, experiencing the nerve-wrenching excitement of the era and all with your four-legged best friend. Sounds exciting and just the thing for you and your fur buddy? 

If Yes, then Save the date and enroll for the exhilarating adventure with Jurassic Quest, that is, America’s largest and most realistic Dinosaur Event.

Event by –  Jurassic Quest Holdings, LLC

Location –  Shreveport Convention Center in Shreveport, LA, US.

Day & Date – Friday to Sunday, September 17 to 19, 2021 

Price – is varied starting at $49 per vehicle

You and your Pooch will get to experience an exciting drive through Jurassic Periods and relishing what it was like to be among the living, breathing dinosaurs!! 

In fact, Jurassic Quest is your perfect time travel to the thrilling times of that era, since this is the only Dinosaur event that features true life-size dinosaurs.

And what’s more, as Jurassic Quest is a dog-friendly event, you get a chance to bestow your fur buddy with a stirring experience riding with you. 

The event is Presented By Jurassic Quest all set to grant fun and thrilling time, coming to SHREVEPORT!! The event will commence on September 17 spanning till September 19. 

Main attractions of the Quest: 

  • People and Pups get a gripping drive-through.
  • HUGE and realistic dinosaurs. 
  • New activities and rides. 
  • Science stations
  • Green screen photography and much more!! 

Tickets are available ONLINE ONLY. No availability of purchasing at the gate. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Buckle Up, for tickets are Flying Fast!! 

For more information Call (936) 320-0030 or visit Jurassic Quest

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