International Exhibition of Dogs of All Breeds dog event

International Exhibition of Dogs of All Breeds

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International Exhibition of Dogs of All Breeds
06 Dec 2020
Belgrade Fair, Belgrade, Serbia

The international exhibition of all breed dogs is organized by the Cynology Association of the Republic of Serbia that takes place twice a year at Belgrade fair.

This the largest event of the pet industry in Serbia. In the event, more than 1200 dogs of all kind of breed from around the globe takes part, which is approximately around 30 countries participating. They compete for the title of most beautiful one in the exhibition.

They compete for n beauty in different categories such as Baby, junior, Young, Intermediate, mature and so on. The most beautiful one get the appropriate price.

There are more competition and show within the event such as Agility show.

Visitors can enjoy the exhibition with many stalls for food, drinks, dog clothing, accessories and so on.

Within this exhibition equipment or cosmetics manufacturers are feature annually.

When – 06 Dec 2020, 09:00 AM-06:00 PM
Where – Belgrade Fair, Belgrade, Serbia
Organizer – Belgrade Fair

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