Upcoming Dog Event Farmington Fido Fest moving to Riley Park.

Upcoming Dog Event: Farmington Fido Fest moving to Riley Park

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Mark your calendar, for the Farmington Fido Festival is moving to Riley Park!!

Filled with hours of fun, merriment, and entertainment this dog-friendly festival brought up by LaFontaine will deliver a mesmerizing package of entertainment for families and their lovely pooches!!

The Farmington Fido Fest will commence in Riley Park during the Farmington Founders Festival.

One of the festival’s major attractions is moving Downtown at Riley Park! The Fido Fest will include a number of popular attractions to keep you and your Doggo bedazzled throughout. From the Ultimate Air Dogs and Disc Dogs of Michigan Frisbee Show, you and your dog will be ensnared into hours of exuberant entertainment.

You can also check out the newest Dog product, at the vendor village showcasing a range of dog wearables, unique dog toys, and dishes, homemade dog treats, and samples of dog food and treats.

Come and join Farmington Fido Festival from Jul 16, 2021, to Jul 17, 2021, in between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

What’s more, you get to reward your pooch with a break at the Farmington Founders Festival Beer Tent. Relish delicious eats from food trucks and an ice-cold beverage from the bar. Furthermore, your pooches are welcomed to the Beer tent to listen to live music and lounge in one of the cooling pools, on Friday & Saturday from 12 noon & 6 pm.

Your lovely pooches can compete in the Ultimate Air Dogs dock jumping competition, or participate in a series of contests, in addition to enjoying the Disc Dogs High Flying Frisbee show.

Remember to join in on Fun and not miss the wonderful Farmington Fido Festival brought to you by LaFontaine to Riley Park!

Note: The event is open to all; all well-behaved dogs are welcome. In case any pooch shows signs of aggression, they will be asked to leave.

Event by: LaFontaine
Location: Riley Park in Farmington, MI, US
Day & Date: Friday & Saturday on Jul 16, to Jul 17, 2021 from 12 noon & 6pm.
Price: Free
Open for all.

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