Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

8 Adorable Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

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Several incredibly little dog breeds will steal your heart as if canines could get any prettier than they already are. They’re simple to care for and compact enough to slip into your favorite handbag. 

However, even if they don’t take up much physical room, some dogs that stay little their whole lives have enormous personalities to compensate for their diminutive size. So prepare yourself for their charming, vibrant personality.

Which dog is the world’s tiniest?

Milly, a cute chocolate Chihuahua, is the smallest living dog on the planet. 

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this incredible small dog is 4 inches long, weighs 1 kilogramme, and comes from Puerto Rico. 

The world’s tiniest dog enjoys posing for photos and sleeping in a baby cradle to add to the adorableness.

Small dog breeds are also a good choice if you live in an apartment or have limited space. 

Furthermore, if you have children, they make fantastic companions because most of the little dogs on our list are really energetic, especially if they have a few dog toys to play with. 

When you’re ready to bring your new companion home, greet them with some of our favorite dog beds, which we’re sure your pal will like.

What is the difference between Pocket size and Teacup?
What is the difference between Pocket size and Teacup?

Pocket dogs are little canines or toy dog breeds that people like spending time with. They can be hugged, squished, and played with. 

Pomeranians, beagles, pugs, Chihuahuas, and corgis are examples of toy dog breeds. They typically weigh less than 5 lb (2.2 kg) and are tiny enough to fit inside pockets.

The teacup dog breeds, like the pocket dog breeds, are tiny canines. People prefer to pet these dogs because they have an appealing appearance throughout their lives. 

Teacup dogs are little canines that weigh less than 5 pounds (2.2 kilograms) and are extremely attractive and sociable.

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1. Chihuahua


Although the Chihuahua has just one breed, there is a lot of variety within it. Long or short coats in a range of colors are available for these little canines. 

They have two different head shapes: apple and deer. Chihuahuas are the tiniest dog breed, weighing about four to six pounds and standing five to eight inches tall on average.

When it comes to grooming, Chihuahuas are low-maintenance pets, but they may be difficult to teach. 

They are generally dedicated to and protective of a single person, which can make living in a house with children difficult. 

This isn’t to argue that Chihuahuas aren’t good family pets; nevertheless, the temperament of the dog, as well as the patience and understanding of the owner, are important considerations.

2. Russian Toy Terriers

Smallest Dog Breeds Russian Toy Terriers

Russian Toy Terriers are little dogs that weigh less than 6.5 pounds and stand between eight and eleven inches tall at the shoulder. 

They were raised in Russia to be companion animals for aristocrats, and they still enjoy spending time with their human owners.

3. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffons are little dogs that weigh 5 to 15 pounds and are 9 to 11 inches tall. 

With their expressive bearded features and wide eyes, they functioned as both labor dogs and regal companions in their home in Belgium, and they are the little old men of the little dog world.

Brussels Griffon is available in four colors: red, black-and-reddish brown, black and tan, and black, with a smooth or rough coat. 

They are stocky, assertive, and simple to teach, yet they are vulnerable when it comes to physical play, just like Chihuahuas. 

They can also become lonely, therefore, they perform best in groups with other dogs or in a household where someone is always present.

4. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a widely prized Asian toy breed with long straight hair and a curving tail. They are warm, alert, and knowledgeable. 

In addition, the breed is hypoallergenic. Shih Tzus, also known as the Shih Tzu Kou, or Lion Dog in Chinese, are friendly house dogs who like spending time with their human friends but may be clingy.

5. Pomeranian


Pomeranians weren’t always this little, did you know? The breed’s early records reveal an average weight of 30 pounds, which is 10 times more than the breed’s current average weight! 

Pomeranians have evolved from a medium-sized breed to a little companion dog as a result of years of breeding.

Poms exhibit many characteristics that you would anticipate in a companion dog. They need attention, are affectionate, and form close ties with their human companions.

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6. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are real terriers, lively, brave, and full of energy. 

They are intelligent and trainable canines who get along well with other animals. Yorkies are excellent watchdogs. 

However, because they loathe being alone, they can be protective of their pet parents and tend to follow them around.

The coat of this breed is normally kept short to make grooming easier, but it still has to be brushed on a regular basis. Yorkshire Terriers are active dogs who enjoy going on walks with their owners, playing outside, and running errands.

7. Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher Smallest Dog Breeds

With good cause, Affenpinschers have earned the nicknames “monkey dogs” and “ape terriers” over the years. 

Their solemn expressions distinguish them from the aforementioned primates. 

They are little, measuring 9 to 11 inches tall and weighing 7 to 9 pounds, yet they are exceptionally tough and durable pets.

Germany developed Offers as “ratters,” or killers of rats, mice, and other vermin. 

Today, the Affenpinscher is a perfect addition to any household that enjoys laughter since they are continuously amusing, naughty, and lively. Offers enjoy climbing and barking, so make sure they are properly trained.

8. Papillon

PapillonSmallest Dog Breeds

If you’re all about the ears, the papillon is certainly the dog for you. 

The name is ideal for this breed since it means butterfly and describes the papillon’s ears well.

Papillons are eight to eleven inches tall and weigh five to ten pounds.

5 When properly socialized, this breed is affable and confident, and gets along well with children, strangers, and other pets. 

They are well-known for being excellent companion animals, despite their tendency to be loud.


  • The smallest dog breeds are frequently regarded as toys.
  • They are frequently mobility impaired.
  • Pet owners must be aware of specific health issues.
  • Small Dogs experience Separation Anxiety.
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