6 signs that you are a dog lover

6 Signs You Are A Good Dog Lover

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In case you’re perusing this article, odds are you definitely know you’re an affirmed dog lover. Either that or the person you think is a canine lover in your life quickly rang a bell and you’ve decided to forward this article along to them. In any case, we get it. We at Moonkodog are a community of dog lovers and everyone on our team can vouch for that. We know a genuine dog lover when we see one, generally in light of the fact that the entirety of the accompanying signs applies to our group as well!

Do you get very amped up for everything that is related to dogs? Do you invest an excessive lot of energy and time watching funny dog videos online (when you ought to be working) and does it make you feel relaxed? Do you go to a pet store and want to buy everything for your little pooch buddy? Provided that this is true, you’re well en route to characterizing yourself as an all-out good dog lover.

Well, today we have compiled a list of the top 6 signs that vouch for you to be a good dog lover.

Let us take a look.

1. You cannot stop yourself from greeting dogs on the street

You cannot stop yourself from greeting dogs on the street
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2. You remember a person’s dog’s name instead of their name

Of the entirety of the signs that you’re a good dog lover, this one must be the most off-kilter. At any point have you bumped into somebody at a cafe that you’ve met at the dog park? You know, the person who possesses that inconceivably fluffy German Shepherd named Kronos.

In any case, similarly, as you go to acquaint this Dog Parent with the friend you’re eating with, you understand you have no clue about what their name is. Woof. Trust us on this, it is absolutely not your fault. Doggos have a great name! Oscar, Milo, Rosie, Frankie? That is to say, they’re simply the best names. You get bonus points on the off chance that you have contacts in your phone as “Scout’s Dad” or “Geronimo’s Mother” rather than a human’s name.

3. You tell others about your day including talking about the dogs you met

You tell others about your day including talking about the dogs

Alright, perhaps you don’t really make proper acquaintance with each pupper you see when you’re making the rounds, yet that doesn’t mean you don’t see them! You may be the sort of individual who shows up at the workplace and the main thing you say is something along the lines of, “I saw the best dog while I was on my way to work today. Nearly as charming as that one I saw at lunch yesterday.”

Your colleagues may not get you, dog lovers, however, don’t stress over them. We see you. Furthermore, hello, you could generally impart your doggie sightings to your loving and dedicated Dog Walker. They love to hear it.

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4. You are more into Dog facts than you could be about humans

What number of bristles does a normal doggo have? What breeds are the best hunter dogs? What number of words can a canine learn in the course of their life? Which nation has the most canines? In the event that you can address these questions, then you are most certainly the brainiest dog lover we know. Most affirmed dog lovers don’t have the foggiest idea about all the facts about our fuzzy companions, however, they’ll probably go through hours clicking around the web for more data on dogs.

5. You try your best to give your dog a luxurious life

If you somehow managed to take a look at your financial balance, what amount of your money is going towards making your puppy’s life somewhat more comfortable and luxurious? Comfortable bean bag beds, perhaps? Trendy dog collars? Softest possible dog blankets? Premium shower supplies? On the off chance that you are one of those individuals who strive to ensure their canine has the most comfortable and luxurious life conceivable, indeed, welcome to the dog lovers club!

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6. Count your favorite dog breed

Quick, name your three most loved canine breeds ever!

On the off chance that you’ve contemplated this, you may have said, “Simple. Akita, German Shepherd, Sarplaninac. Done.” No matter what name of dog breed you take, you are unquestionably a dog lover.

Obviously, in the event that you were unable to pick three breeds on the grounds that there is simply an excessive number of top choices totally, at that point congrats – you’re definitely an affirmed dog lover.

Do you have different coordinating outfits with your puppy? Have you enthusiastically surrendered 75% of your bed so your little buddy can sleep next to you? Is it accurate to say that you are bound to make arrangements with your little pooch this weekend rather than with your human friends?

You definitely are a great dog lover.


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