12 Dog Breeds that are Paw-fact For Living in Apartments

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Life in a big city can often be boring and monotonous. The same ever-flowing routine of work and home becomes a habit after a certain period. Moreover, the new urban lifestyle often includes smaller living spaces, which are generally studio apartments or a slightly more significant variation. In this blog we inform you about 12 Dog Breeds that are Paw-fact For Living in Apartments.

The regular dose of Youtube and Netflix often brings these adorable dogs and pups on screen and makes us want to get one ourselves too. However, the lifestyle and the scarcity of space make us think that it is not a viable option.

What many do not know is that numerous dog breeds are perfect for small-space living. Many of these dogs are habituated to staying alone for an extended period if needed.

Low on maintenance and perfectly suited for small space living. These breeds are perfect companions when you are back home tired and cranky. The primary demand for most of these breeds is a few hours of playtime and cuddling whenever you are home.

Below mentioned 12 breeds are just right for any apartment living lifestyle.

1: Pug – The Vodafone Beauty

The wrinkly faced small bundle is one of the best dogs to live within a small space. Extremely easy to maintain, they are affectionate and good with kids and large families alike. Their distinctive short snout and wrinkled body make them look as adorable as they are by nature. Highly energetic, they do not require much exercise, except for a few hours of attention and cuddling every day. Originating from China, Pugs are non-shedding and rarely aggressive. They can live up to 13 to 15 yrs.

2: Shiba Inu – The cleanliness-obsessed cuddle buddies

Though this breed looks a lot like Akita, they are much smaller in size and have a different kind of temperament. Bred originally for little game hunting, currently, they are more suited for small space living. One of the rare breeds that prefer to remain clean at all times, Shiba Inu can spend hours quietly sitting and licking their paws and coat continuously to clean up. Suitable for novice individuals who spend hours away from home, Shiba Inu is very independent in nature and are exclusively loyal and loving towards its master only.

3: English Bulldog – The muscular comic buddy

English Bulldog

Friendly and dependable, the English Bulldog has a toot, muscular, and distinctive short stature. They are subjected to gaining weight if not exercised much. However, you can keep track of your dog’s growth through this Puppy weight calculator. Known for their unique and comical personality trait, they are a great company after a day of gruesome work schedule. Spending time with a Bulldog is fun because they tend to have very expressive facial changes to any form of communication. Very intuitive to their master’s mood, English Bulldogs are loyal and lovable to the extreme. They are aggressive only to fear and strangers and have been noted to be extra gentle towards kids and anything smaller than the Bulldog itself.

4: Bichon Frise – The mini furball

White Dog

The perfect dog for small houses, Bichon Frise, resembles a cotton ball at first glance. A great all-rounder hypoallergenic small dog breeds, Bichon Frise is an excellent companion to individuals living alone. Not very friendly with other dogs or kids in general, they are lazy and do not like exercise of any kind other than playing with their master. If trained well, they can be left alone for an extended period at a time without causing any mass destruction within the house. On average, Bichon Frise lives up to 14 yrs at maximum.

5: Welsh Corgi – The curious explorer

Welsh Corgi

The adorable short-legged herding breed is one of the best kinds for obedience training. The perfect dog for living in smaller spaces, Welsh Corgis are curious beings who love to explore and play at all times. Aggressive towards outsiders, Welsh Corgis are great to cuddle buddies. This affectionately smart breed needs constant activities to do and attention to thrive well. Corgis can live anywhere between 12 to 16 yrs.

6: Basenji – The weird but cute barker

Originating centuries ago from the land of Africa, it was predominantly bred as a Hunting Dog. Aggressive towards other dogs, Basenji makes a great companion to humans and thrives well in small spaces. The Basenjis have a distinctive barking sound that is unlike any other. The very energetic breed is not good with strangers. Their loyal and extremely protective nature keeps them alert and suspicious at all times. If well cared for, Basenjis can live for 16 yrs or more.

7: Chihuahua – The super-intelligent energy ball

Chihuahua Dog

This highly emotional breed is also one of the smallest dogs ever to exist. Besides being very friendly towards kids and families, Chihuahuas are very sassy and love constant attention. They are apprehensive towards strangers and outsiders and are always on guard against unknown people and animals alike. The big-eyed miniature breed is low maintenance as they do not shed at all, and neither do they require many outdoor activities. They have a longer life span ranging anywhere between 12 to 18 yrs.

8: Dachshund – The brave mini-alert dog

This is one of the most distinctive small size breeds of dogs. With an elongated body and short stature, Dachshunds always have an alert and on guard expression. Originating from the hound family, the kind is known for its brave and fiercely protective nature. A great companion, Dachshund is kid-friendly, easily trainable, and sheds very little. The dachshund has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 yrs.

9: Greyhound – The giant lap buddy

Greyhound Dog

Their size may seem slightly scary, but greyhounds are one of the least known aggressive dog breeds to have ever existed. The tall and elegant beauty, Greyhounds are great family pets today, although they were once bred for racing. Being a very lazy and docile breed, they do not like moving around or exercise, which makes them perfect for apartment living regardless of the size. Affectionate towards the family and a complete lap dog, they have short coats that do not shed. The average lifespan of Greyhounds is shorter than many other breeds as they live for 10 to 12 yrs at the max.

10: Manchester terrier – The listening therapist

Manchester terrier
Image Credit: Petfinder

Manchester Terrier is one of the most lively and friendly small dog breeds. Many owners have reportedly stated that this dog loves to listen to its owner speak for hours together and even occasionally responds with howls and barks. The terrier is not just a great companion and watchdog, but they are excellent playmates for kids. Affectionate and loyal, the Manchester terrier is a social being, but extremely wary of strangers. The toy dog breed can live anywhere between 12 to 14 yrs.

11: Havanese – The unwavering loyalist

Dog Breeds

An excellent dog for apartments and studios, the Havanese is the national dog of Cuba and has a very distinctive long silky coat. Their playful and boisterous nature makes them great playmates. Even though it is a lap dogs, they can be hyperactive and very adamant when they wish to do or not do something. They are very intelligent and can be easily trained. Despite the long coat, Havanese need minimal grooming as they do not shed much. Havanese are poor watchdogs as they tend to be friendly with anybody who cuddles them or plays them. They generally live for 12 to 14 yrs.

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12: Lhasa Apso – The long-haired graceful beauty

Dog Breeds

Another long-haired, small non-sporting breed Lhasa Apso has been in existence for thousands of years. Originally from Tibet, Lhasa Apso can spend hours sitting and cuddling and doing nothing else. Highly intelligent and trainable, they are often recommended as Therapy dogs for their friendly persona and extremely calm, docile, and patient attitude. Lhasa Apso has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 yrs.

Besides these 12 choices for the best dogs suitable for living in smaller spaces, other honourable mentions include Mastiff, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Great Dane, Pomeranian, Poodle, and Toy Fox terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Dogs are one of the best lifelong companions one can have.

Someone has rightly said, “You do not know what the experience is like unless you try it out.” Dogs may seem like a lot of work and trouble, but once you bring this creature home, you know what you have missed your entire life. Adopting a dog is one of the happiest and best decisions you can make.

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