Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds In The World

Top 10 Popular Dog Breeds In The World

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If you’re planning to get a dog at home, you can take your pick from an extensive list of the top most popular dog breeds in 2021. There are a lot of elements to factor in that include a host of canine specifics like temperament, trainability, age, companionship, eating habits, and more, that will help you determine the best possible choice for yourself and your family. 

From rescue dogs to purebreds, there is the perfect match for everyone out there. All you gotta do is put in some research on the most popular dog breeds in the world and that is why we have enlisted the top 10 dog breeds in the world according to the Animal Kennel Club.

You can find your ideal match for a pet here based on your lifestyle, physical activities, living space, the size of your family, and last but not the least, your personality. So let’s take a dive into the top 10 dog breeds as listed by AKC and find out your favorite breed from here!

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10. German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer
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  • Temperament: Friendly. Smart. Willing to please. 
  • Height: 23-25inches (male), 21-23 inches (female)
  • Weight: 55-70 pounds (male), 45-60 pounds (female)
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a loving and graceful dog that exudes amazing qualities like elegance, speed, as well as agility.

They are powerful and gracious dogs that also make for amazing hunters. This pointer is a great family companion and thrives under adequate mental and physical challenges to stay healthy and motivated.

9. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier
  • Temperament: Affectionate. Sprightly. Tomboyish.
  • Height: 7-8 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 11-15 years

Originally bred as ratters, Yorkies are not just pretty toy dogs but they are surprisingly tough and pack a big attitude in a small frame.

These dogs feature in the top 10 most popular dog breeds list because they are hypoallergenic which means that they are great companions for people with allergies, making them popular in the cities. But most importantly, Yorkies are famously loving and loyal towards their chosen human beings.

8. Rottweiler

  • Temperament: Loyal. Loving. Confident guardian.
  • Height: 24-27 inches (male), 22-25 inches (female)
  • Weight: 95-135 pounds (male), 80-100 pounds (female)
  • Life expectancy: 9-10 years

Rottweilers have an imposing frame that measures up to 27 inches. The Tottie is the stereotypical image of a guard dog with an intimidating attitude, especially towards strangers.

However, these dogs are also surprisingly calm and confident as family companions and thus, feature on the top 10 most popular dog breeds in 2021.

However, it is important to train and socialize your pup on time so that they don’t grow up to be overly territorial.

7. Poodle

  • Temperament: Active, proud, very smart
  • Height: Under 10 inches (toy), 10-15 inches (miniature), over 15 inches (standard)
  • Weight: 10-15 pounds (miniature), 60-70 pounds (male standard), 40-50 pounds (female standard)
  • Life expectancy: 10-18 years

When it comes to picking out a Poodle, you have three amazing choices – the toy, miniature, and standard.

These dogs are famously athletic and entertaining and tend to be a lot more intelligent than general lap dogs.

Poodles are a hard-working breed of dogs as they were originally bred as waterfowl hunters and their overall charming personality puts them in AKC’s most popular dog breeds of 2021.

6. Beagle

  • Temperament: Friendly, curious, merry
  • Height: 13 inches & under, 13-15 inches
  • Weight: Under 20 pounds (13 inches and under), 20-30 pounds (13-15 inches)
  • Life expectancy: 10-15 years

The Beagle is an adorable family dog that packs a generous personality in a small frame. These dogs are extremely vocal and friendly with human beings.

They can sometimes be a little stubborn and hardy but these dogs make great friends for kids and adults alike.

Originally bred to track small prey, these dogs have a natural instinct to chase away the pigeons from your yard.

5. Bulldog

  • Temperament: Friendly, courageous, calm
  • Height: 14-15 inches
  • Weight: 50 pounds (Male) 40 pounds (female)
  • Life expectancy: 8-10 years

The Bulldog was a rough and rugged breed originally bred as a cattle driver but today these dogs make great playmates for children and adults alike.

Bulldogs make great family companions and are loving, gentle, and super eager to please. These dogs don’t need a lot of exercises and tend to nap a lot.

All you have to do is keep a tab on their weight and keep them away from extreme temperatures.

4. French Bulldog

French Bulldog
  • Temperament: Adaptable. Playful. Smart
  • Height: 11-13 inches
  • Weight: Up to 28 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years

Frenchies are popular class clowns with their batty ears, big eyes, and stubby noses. These dogs are extremely affectionate and protective of their chosen human beings.

They can adapt to a variety of situations and do not require a lot of exercises. This makes them extremely popular with apartment dwellers as well as seniors and features them on AKC’s list of the top 10 most popular dog breeds.

3. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever
  • Temperament: Friendly. Intelligent. Devoted
  • Height: 23-24 inches (male), 21.5-22.5 inches (male)
  • Weight: 65-75 pounds (male), 55-65 pounds (female)
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years

The Golden Retriever is the ideal pick for a family dog with lots of kids at home. These dogs become instantly close to kids and elders alike with their goofy and loyal disposition.

Golden Retrievers make for amazing companions as they will serve as your best friend on days you’re low or as your most fun playmate on days you want to have some fun with your four-legged buddy.

Their silliness and calm attitude make the Golden Retriever feature this high on the American Kennel Club’s list of the top most popular dog breeds in the world.

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2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd
  • Temperament: Confident. Courageous. Smart.
  • Height: 24-26 inches (male), 22-24 inches (male)
  • Weight: 65-90 pounds (male), 50-70 pounds (female)
  • Life expectancy: 7-10 years

German Shepherds are exemplary family dogs that have qualities such as loyalty, devotion, and protectiveness towards their owners.

These dogs are fierce, intelligent, and extremely capable, which makes them the right choice for law enforcement and K9-police training.

They also make great search-and-rescue dogs but are famous as faithful companions to their human families.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
  • Temperament: Friendly. Active. Outgoing.
  • Height: 22.5-24.5 inches (male), 21.5-23.5 inches (male)
  • Weight: 65-80 pounds (male), 55-70 pounds (female)
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years

The Labrador Retriever features at the top of AKC’s top 10 most popular dog breeds in 2021 owing to their good-natured and hard-working personalities.

These dogs cover all the bases for being the perfect family dog. Additionally, they serve as hunters in retrieving games and work as search & rescue and service & show dogs.

Their adorable looks and happy-go-lucky disposition make them a welcome addition to any household – with or without kids.

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