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Keeping yourself prim and proper can be challenging, isn’t it? Getting your locks trimmed to the proper length, pruning those perfectly manicured nails, and waxing for that polished, smooth skin is exhausting. But when you spend a fortune and time beautifying your pretty self, then why ignore the grooming of your lovely pooch? In this blog, we inform you how to Perfectly Groomed Pet.

Grooming your dog is as important as paying attention to its health and nutrition. Be it meat for proteins, or some additional minerals in their diet or just some special treats for your four-legged friend, you leave no stones unturned (Head to your dog food shopping guide here). So why compromise on grooming your dog the right way? Chuck your worries under the covers, you have arrived at the right station! 

Watch this video to get amazing tips on how to groom your dog like a professional at home and save your bucks to get your doggie some treats! 

Now read on to get some grooming tips and do’s and don’ts to keep in mind so you buckle up for a hassle-free grooming session!

Brush Up Your Ways

adult golden retriever taking a bath

Brushing your pooch’s fur is the foremost thing you should pay attention to when you go about grooming your dog. The coat of your canine is undoubtedly the most precious thing for some warm rough-day cuddles, but it also is the most problematic area to work on. While you might have had this notion since forever that brushing wet fur is easier and better for both you and your dog, you might be wrong there. You might end up with more dreadlocks on the coat even as you try to untangle them. I would like to add a pro-tip here, the ‘Three B’ motto: Brush Before Bath.

Secondly, choose a good brush according to the breed of your furry pal. It is as important as choosing the exact shade of lipstick to go with your outfit. For instance, a bristle brush works well with short hair, whereas sleeker type is excellent for a longer mane.

Finally, for a shiny coat, brushing daily is recommended. But if that is not possible, frequent sessions should be held for combing the coat to prevent matting and control shedding of hair.

Nail IT, Mate

brown and black animal paw

Doggos indisputably belong to the canine family, but you wouldn’t appreciate your pet roaming about like a beast with long nails on those cute paws, uh, claws! Trimming of its nails is a tough task, but it is for the more essential cause to avoid any discomfort the dog is facing. Moreover, they may hurt themselves if they run around with untrimmed nails. One should keep a very crucial point in mind when trimming the nails that you don’t cut them too short. As a dog’s nails are too sensitive because blood flows through them as well, a considerable length is to be maintained. However, if bleeding does occur during the discourse of trimming the nails, make sure you keep some cornstarch or a towel handy to stop further blood.

Start Young

Grooming your dog can be a smooth procedure if the pet is cooperative. This can be achieved if you start grooming it from a young age. Older dogs tend to hate bathing and getting into such routines if grooming hasn’t been a regular practice. Thus, a well-planned schedule runs parallel to a well-groomed dog.

Tooth Tales

Adult Brown and White Shih Tzu

A healthy dog is the one with healthy teeth. A grooming routine that doesn’t perform teeth brushing regularly can increase health risks and some serious health issues like heart problems, kidney diseases, etc, which is the last thing you would want. Although daily brushing of teeth is suggested, a few times a week also works well.

Head on to some teeth brushing techniques for a perfect cleanse!

Keep a Check

Visit a vet if you find any sorts of lumps, open sores, new skin tags, or moles by feeling or looking at the coat superficially. This can only be made possible when you wash your dog’s fur for ticks or outdoor debris. Most importantly, don’t try to treat any unusual addition on the dog’s body. Consult trained professionals for such problems. 

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medium short-coated white dog lying on green grass field

Let us have a look at some don’ts: What not to do when grooming your dog.

  • You have to be careful when you wash up your furry friend. The ear area in a dog is quite sensitive; if water gets in somehow, it can cause a whole new host of problems and infections.
  • Never use any non-vet approved products or fragrances on your dog. They might contain some harmful ingredients which may not go well with the pet’s skin.
  • Don’t hold your dog’s limbs awkwardly when grooming it, they may end up getting hurt in the process.Bathing your dog outside on a cold, winter day is a bad idea. Chilly temperatures can cause dangerous drops in their body temperatures. So avoid an outdoor session if the weather is frosty.
  • After you’ve adopted a dog, it’s quite obvious that you’re aware of a doggie’s childlike tendencies. Dogs are just babies, thus it is inadvisable to leave them unattended in the grooming area. They might cut their paw pads with some sharp object. 

Now that you have groomed your dog the right way, why don’t you start thinking about getting some awesome dog accessories for a full-fledged pet experience!

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