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The Presa Canario: A Guide to the Fiercely Loyal Canary Mastiff

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One of the most popular reasons people choose to adopt a dog is the safety they provide to the household. That is why the Presa Canario is becoming such a popular breed in the present times. 

The powerful dog is distinguished from the others due to its strength showcasing a square head and broad muzzle. 

Despite being a dangerous dog who scares with his look, Presa Canario is a soft-hearted sweetheart who can become a sweet four-legged companion to you. So, let’s know more about this rough-tough canine who is the most amazing guard-dog of all time.


Presa Canario History
  • Though there is no solid data to prove a Presa Canario’s origins, they are believed to have originated from the cross-breeding between the Bardino Majorero and the English Mastiff which are extinct now. 
  • Presa Canario was first found on the Canary Islands in the 1800s. They worked as guard dogs and working dogs at that time. They also worked as guards for cattle and would protect them from wild boars and other hunters. 
  • Later, they found their way to the dog pits, fighting ruthless fights to entertain people. Presa Canarios became so popular in the dog pits due to their large powerful bodies and their ability to emerge, as winners, all the time. 
  • Though, thankfully the activity was banned later and strict laws against the cruel treatment of animals were instated. 
  • Since then, the fierce hound has been working as a family companion and service dog, spreading love and protecting like a guard.

Other Names

  1. The Presa Canario acquired many names over time from different countries and in different languages. 
  2. The famous ones that stuck to it were Perro De Presa Canario, Dogo Canario, and Canary Dog. However, they are also called just Presa. 
  3. The names of this hound themselves tell you the kind of dog you are going to encounter. Their names exhibit strength and power. 
  4. However, you can give your Presa Canario a funny cute name that contrasts with its personality to give a personal soft touch to your pet.


Presa Canario Size

Though they are powerful, the size of these dogs is not very large. They are medium-sized dogs with a height of 22-26 inches and a weight of around 84-110 lbs. 

The massive bodies and large heads of these canines give them a look of enormity. They are well built and are quite muscled up. That is what shows their strength and makes them intimidating. 

If you are a parent to a Presa Canario, you need to maintain their size by feeding them a protein-rich diet in enough quantity. Not only does it help you maintain their size, but it also provides them with the energy they need to work as fierce dogs. 

Life Expectancy

A Presa lives a medium-term life of 9-11 years. This is quite less as compared to some other dogs who live as much as 17 years. 

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Though this protective canine would give you so much affection over its not-so-long lifetime, it would stick in your heart forever.


A Presa Canario has a coat that is either of a fawn or a brindle shade. These dogs have short fur that is coarse to touch. That provides an added advantage of making them low shedding dogs. 


Presa Canario Personality
  • Do you notice the intensity on a Presa Canario’s face? Their looks are of a very serious and vigilant creature. However, they would surprise you with their docility and even-temperateness. 
  • These dogs are very mouldable through training. They can be trained to herd cattle or hunt prey or even become search dogs, working in a disciplinary manner besides security forces.
  • Also, they are excellent as companion dogs. If you are a hunter, you have got yourself an asset in the field.
  • Though, if you are a farmer, the tail-wagging pleasant hound walking alongside you would give you beautiful company on the farms. 
  • The muscular body and vigilant nature of these dogs make them excellent at guarding. Once you get to know them, you would be able to look beyond their fearsome appearance and look at their protective nature who would not let anything happen to their master. 
  • Fighting to death to protect you isn’t much further from a Presa’s nature.

Compatibility With Other Pets

The alpha nature of a Presa Canario gives it an inherent urge to lead. That helps the other pets as they could easily follow them and submit to their authority.

However, the trait mostly turns out to be detrimental without enough socialization and training. 

The forever trial of dominance prevents them from developing a healthy relationships with other pets.

If you choose to adopt a Presa Canario, make sure to engage them in pet activities with the other pets at a young age. 

Socialize them and let them play together when they are very young. This would help Presa develop friendships with the other pets.


Presa Canario Temperament

A Presa Canario is a very energetic and athletic dog. It needs constant exercise. Whether you engage them with playing or hiking, take them hunting or herding, their energy needs expending every day. 

If you neglect their exercise or show lax towards it, it might create a problem for you only. When bored, their favorite activity is digging into every diggable corner and chewing things that are not even chewable. 

If you are a first-time parent, you should consider it twice before deciding to adopt a Presa. They need an experienced hand at training and handling. 


Experts prove that exercise is an essential part of a pet’s lifestyle as it helps in stimulating their minds. They stay happy and satisfied when they get regular exercise. 

If you want to keep your Presa’s dopamine and serotonin at a healthy level, make sure you get them an hour of exercise every day. 

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This helps suppress their aggressiveness and lets their docile and even-temperament shine.

Also, their innate strength can only be fully developed with proper exercise and training. 

Only then can you develop a true companionship with your dog. Otherwise, they would be a danger to you and those around you.

Family Friendliness

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Presa Canario is a dog with a purpose. What is the purpose? That is your duty to provide it to them. 

The best purpose would be to involve them in your family activities. You can teach them fun tricks and employ them in fun activities.

The strength of these dogs is commendable. Their ability to handle strenuous activities is beyond your expectation. 

The more you engage them with family in doing such activities, the more they get familiar with such environs. 

Compatibility With Children

Contrary to the danger they look like, these dogs are excellent companions for children. 

Unlike other dogs who are quite sensitive towards a child’s rogue behavior, a Presa Canario is very gentle and patient with children.

They are even tolerant of rough play from older children. However, you shall be advised not to test any dog’s patient like that. 

A child need not be allowed to do whatever they want with a Presa.

Teach your children to treat their four-legged best friend with gentleness and affection. Only then would they be able to develop a lifelong relationship with them as they grow older. 


Presa Canario Health

This breed produces generally healthy dogs. These dogs are athletic and muscular which helps them stay healthy. 

Though they are prone to common canine diseases like Allergies, Dysplasia, or skin issues. 

If given proper care, these diseases can be prevented. Their diet is a bit more because they need more nutrition to sustain their energy levels and keep their muscle mass. 

Take care of their daily hour of exercise if you want a trainable, agreeable, and responsible dog. 

Also, adopt a puppy from a responsible breeder and ask for their health data so that you know all about its health conditions before adopting one. 

Diet of a Presa Canario

It might not be a surprise to you that these big dogs have quite a diet. They need 2500-3000 calories a day to maintain their energy levels. You should distribute it in 3-4 meals every day.

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A portion of high-quality dry food is a good choice for your pet. Though consult a vet before rolling out any diet for your dog. 


  1. These dogs do not have very hairy coats. They have short hair that does not need excessive grooming. Though take care to brush them and clean their fur regularly.
  2. Regular bathing is very essential for these dogs as they are very energetic. That leads them to adventure, even to muddy places. 
  1. Their claws grow up very fast. You need to trim them at regular intervals. 
  2. Clean their ears regularly if you want to avoid them getting ear infections and further E-N-T-related problems. 
  3. To avoid mouth infections and cavities, take care to brush their teeth 2-3 times a week. 

Adopting a Presa Canario

The overall annual expenses over a Presa Canario would be around $500 to $700. 

Though you can economize your expenses if you care for them well enough. 

A Presa Canario puppy comes at around USD 2000. Costs may vary based on your source of adoption. 

The costs may seem expensive to you but the love and affection and protection a Presa Canario offer you makes up for every penny you spend on your pooch. 

Disadvantages of Having a Presa Canario

Disadvantages of Having a Presa Canario
  1. Aggression

Presa Canario attacks are known worldwide and can turn out to be deadly. Their bites have a force of 540 PSI. 

Due to their protective natures, they can turn quite territorial and aggressive which might get you in trouble. 

  1. Difficult to Train

If you are a first-time owner, you might experience a really hard time training your Presa Canario. 

They expect confidence from their handlers and would test your patience. These dogs are very stubborn and it is difficult to make them obey.

  1. They Need time

If you have a busy lifestyle and can’t give time to your dog’s exercise, you are in for some trouble. 

They need your attention and focus if you want your dog to turn into an even-tempered canine.

With enough time and experience, all the negative traits of their behavior can be suppressed and their positive behavior can be unleashed. 

These dogs are the best dogs for guarding. If you need a running and hiking companion, a Presa would accompany you like a shadow.

They are affectionate and protective dogs and the best part about them is their fierce loyalty. If you are planning to get a Presa, you might have gotten yourself a lifetime companion who would protect you to death.

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