Pug The Perfect Little Four-Legged Family Companion

Pug: The Perfect Little Four-Legged Family Companion

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Pugs, the cutest compact dogs, are often described as too much of a dog in a little compact space. 

Pugs are known as clowns or jokers of the dog world. Rightly so, pugs have a great sense of humor and you know what, they like to show off. 

Pugs are purebred dogs originally bred to be lap dogs and are dependent upon human beings for almost everything. They crave a good human companion and are highly sensitive and full of emotions. 

Considering their size, they are good for apartments but if you do not stay at home for the majority of the time, it can be troublesome to have a pug.

Pugs are sometimes called stubborn dogs but it is fun to train them. They are full of love extremely playful, and very easy to deal with. If you are planning to become a dog parent for the first time, they are probably the best to adopt. 

Let’s find out more about this affectionate dog breed that is termed naive-friendly and will make you laugh with its silly shenanigans. 

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Pug Origin
Credits: American Kennel Club

The origin of pugs dates back to the Han dynasty which existed from B.C. 206 to A.D. 200 in ancient China. According to historians and canine experts, the Emperors of China used to treasure pugs. Pugs at that time used to live a very luxurious life and enjoyed a great level of protection even from soldiers.

In some ancient scriptures of Tibet and Japan, there has been some evidence of dogs who looked like pugs. The emergence of pugs around the world took place when China started to trade with Europe in the late 16th century. It is believed that the first breed of pugs was brought to Europe by a Dutch trader. The Dutch named the breed Mopshond. Even today in some areas of the world, this breed is called by this name. 

With their emergence in Europe, the breed got fame in no time and became a favorite dog of the royal households of Europe. It is believed that the black pugs might have existed in the 18th century. It is evident from the paintings of William Hogarth who was a Pug enthusiast.

Other Names

Pugs have been named differently in different regions of the world. In France, they are called Carlin, in Spain, they are Dohgullo, in Germany, in Mops, and in Italy, Caganlino.

The first exhibition of pugs took place in England in 1861 and became very famous, particularly during the Victorian era. Queen Victoria herself bred a lot of pugs. They were featured in a lot of paintings worldwide.

In the USA, pugs were introduced during the civil war of 1861. Shortly thereafter in 1885, the American Kennel Club recognized the Pugs breed.

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The pugs are small dogs and are lightweight and short in height. Usually, the pugs weigh between 14 to 18 pounds. The female weighs a little less than the male counterpart. However, the difference is not significant. Their height is between 10 to 14 inches.

Life Span

The average age of a pug is 14-15 years which is considered a fair amount of lifespan for a dog. Not too much but not less either. 

Personality and Temperament

Pug Personality and Temperament

If you want a dog good at hunting and guarding for you, Pugs might not be the best choice. Pugs are not meant to be guards but are better as companions and friends. If you want a couch lounger or a cuddler, they are the best. Sitting on laps is their favorite pastime and they get hurt if they are not loved the way they want to be loved.

They crave attention, however, it does not mean that you need to stop all of your work and sit still with them. You can do all you want, work on your laptop or watch Netflix, read a book or drink coffee but just have them with you. Include them in your activities, that’s all they want. 

Pugs are playful and love to learn silly things. They are funny and full of humor. You can often find them rolling on their backs or falling off harmlessly from beds. 

The behavior and temperament of any breed are impacted by a lot of factors. It depends upon the kind of socialization, training, and heredity of the parent dogs.

Puppies who have good socialization develop good and nice behavior. They love humans and enjoy the company of all.

To ensure that your pug grows up to have a good temperament, provide them with early socialization. Invite your friends and family over so that they get used to meeting strangers. A good start can be a puppy kindergarten class. Take your dog outdoors, to the parks and restaurants that are dog friendly.

Activities like these ensure that your pup grows up to be a well-rounded dog.

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Behavior with Children

Dog Behavior with Children
It is easy for both children and pugs to be compatible with each other.

If you have kids at home, pugs are best to adopt. Pugs love the company, no matter who they are. They love to play with kids as they share the same level of energy as kids. Considering how children sometimes treat dogs, pugs are not delicate ones. It is easy for both children and pugs to be compatible with each other. As family dogs, pugs are perfect companions. However, if you have kids who love to play soccer and ball etc. with their dogs, a pug might be a disappointment.

Having said that, it is still advisable and necessary to supervise the interaction between a pug and a child because you never know what rough play kids might resort to.

If you have other dogs or cats at home, don’t worry about the animal-animal conflict and adopt a pug. They are extremely friendly with other animals if they are socialized properly.

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Caring for a Pug

Caring for a Pug
Pugs are little cute packets of energy. If you have them, you are not gonna get bored. They are going to entertain you for as long as they are with you.

When it comes to pugs, they are too easy to maintain. It does not take much of an effort to take care of a pug. If this is your first time adopting a dog, a pug is going to make life easy for you. They are small, quiet, and funny at the same time.

These dogs do not require too much space to play. Hence they are perfect if you live in an apartment or a small space. While indoors, they are not much active which makes them perfect for small houses.

Pugs are little cute packets of energy. If you have them, you are not gonna get bored. They are going to entertain you for as long as they are with you.

Pugs are a little too sensitive to heat and humid weather. If you happen to live in such an environment, try not to take your pug outside too much to ensure their health.

Also, if you happen to be a light sleeper, better to get a pair of earplugs. Pugs snore while sleeping. It might disturb your sleep if you are a sensitive sleeper. 

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition
Try to buy good quality dog food as the better the quality, the more nourishing it will be for your dog.
  • The diet of any dog depends upon a lot of things like the level of physical activity, size, age, metabolism, and things. Just like humans, a lot of factors determine the diet of a dog. Common sense suggests that the more active your dog is, the more food they require.
  • But usually, the diet of a pug is half to one cup of good quality dry dog food. You mustn’t serve them all of their daily intake in one go. 
  • Divide their daily food intake into two meals a day. If the food is not of good quality, the quantity required will be more. The better the food, the less of it will be necessary for your pup. 
  • Try to buy good quality dog food as the better the quality, the more nourishing it will be for your dog. Your dog craves human attention as a priority but it is food that is their second love. Pugs are big-time eaters. 
  • Give them food at any point of the day and they would gulp it down. This is why a pug parent needs to maintain a little discipline in the life of a pug. Ensure that you do not feed them a lot as it might give rise to diseases and obesity. Control their food portion, impose a limit on the food and ensure that they exercise daily.

Coat and Grooming Tips

Coat and Grooming Tips

Pugs have short coats that in most cases are either colored black or fawn. The fawn ones have some sort of tints mostly on their body or face. A Pug’s coat is short, smooth, and soft but all these things do not indicate that they don’t shed. Pugs shed a lot, specifically in the summer. As mentioned before, pugs are not very comfortable in humidity, so their body reacts accordingly.

To deal with enormous shedding, it is advisable to regularly brush your dog. Make them bathe regularly. These things ensure that your pug’s coat remains in a good condition and the shedding decreases. If your pug is more into outdoor activities, you need to make them bathe frequently, otherwise once a month is enough. Considering what little dogs they are, it is easy to make them bathe.

Along with bathing, keep an eye on their nail trimming. Whenever you hear the sound of their nails clicking on the floor, trim them. Take professional help for the first few sessions as it is a little risky.

Brush their teeth at least thrice a week with the special dog toothpaste. Buy dental gums and wipes for the days you are in a hurry. Oral hygiene ensures that they remain free of oral diseases all their life.

Especially in pugs, because of their facial wrinkles, there is a possibility of infection if you do not take special care of the folds. Dry the wrinkles completely after bath with a soft towel so that there is no moisture which might be a hotbed for bacteria.

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Keep an eye on the color of the dog’s tongue. Take the help of a dog’s tongue color chart to avoid diseases and early diagnosis. The color of the dog’s tongue can reveal a lot about their health.



Like all smushed-faced dogs, pugs might suffer from breathing issues all their lives. That is why one needs to ensure they are not over-tired or over-exercised. Employing breathing devices early on might help with their breathing issues.

Pugs have bulging eyes which are very vulnerable. Sometimes, their eyes just pop out of the socket after a little scuffle or even some rough play. Take your pup to the vet immediately if that happens. 

Other than these, pugs might suffer from common dog health issues like obesity and hip dysplasia. Regular checkups and vet visits help ensure this doesn’t happen. 


Although the cost of a pug is highly variable based on your source of adoption, pugs on average might cost you USD 600 – USD 1200.



Overall, pugs are amazing if you live in a family and are planning to adopt a dog. They are the best for naive dog parents. If you take care of a few things and ensure good and early socialization, you are going to get the best company as a pug.

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