Diabetes Panel (Glucose F/PP/R*HbA1c) Test

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Gain a complete picture of your pet’s diabetes with Monkoodog’s convenient Diabetes Panel. This at-home test measures various glucose levels and HbA1c, aiding in effective diabetes management.

About this service

Diabetes Panel (Glucose Fasting/Postprandial/Random*HbA1c)


  • Comprehensive assessment of glucose levels for effective diabetes management
  • Includes fasting, postprandial, random glucose, and HbA1c measurements
  • Convenient home sample collection for a stress-free experience
  • Supports informed treatment decisions for your pet's well-being

Additional Information:

  • Performed by qualified veterinary professionals
  • Results typically available within a few days
  • Follow-up consultations available (if needed)


Prioritize your pet’s diabetes management with Monkoodog’s convenient and comprehensive Diabetes Panel. This at-home test offers a stress-free way to assess your pet’s glucose levels accurately.

Here’s what makes our Diabetes Panel unique:

  • Comprehensive assessment: Unlike basic tests, our panel measures multiple glucose levels (fasting, postprandial, random) and HbA1c, providing a more complete picture of your pet’s diabetes.
  • Effective management: This comprehensive information empowers veterinarians to make informed treatment decisions for your pet’s individual needs.
  • Convenience and comfort: We understand vet visits can be stressful for pets. That’s why we offer home sample collection, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Don’t delay, schedule your pet’s Diabetes Panel today! By proactively monitoring their glucose levels, you can ensure they live a long and healthy life.

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