How to Tell That Your Pet Is Not Feeling Well

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We all treat our pets as they are family. More often than not, we feel like they are almost like our kids, and we have to take good care of them. After all, their well-being is fully our responsibility. The same goes for doing the right choice in life when picking an outside helper. We are the ones who must be responsible for our choices and bring pets to the vet in case anything is happening to them. We also should be on the watch out when they act odd or unusual. 

That is why we start to panic any time we think that they don’t feel well. To minimize your false scare, you should learn which symptoms you must take into account and which are nothing to worry about. Here is how you can tell that your pet is not feeling well.

Drop in the Energy Level

One of the most reliable signs that your pet may have some health issues is its low energy level. You can tell that your dog or cat doesn’t want to play with their favorite toys. Your puppy is no longer excited about the long walk you often have in the park. Your cat doesn’t want to play in the climbing house you build. You shouldn’t ignore symptoms as such. Not only pets but humans often have problems with the energy drop because of being too over exhausted. It often happens with students who are academically overburdened and an optimal solution is to get outside help. 

A random drop in energy, especially if it holds for too long, is a serious sign that something is off with your pet. It shouldn’t be something too bad. Sometimes you just need to change the diet, switching to the top-rated dog or cat food. However, at times it can be a symptom of some illness or a tic. 

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Respiratory Symptoms

close up shot of dog's nose

Another very visible symptom concerns all respiratory issues. In case your pet is sneezing too much or has trouble breathing, especially after easy exercises, you should bring them to the vet. Respiratory symptoms can mean that your dog or cat has simply caught a cold, which happened among animals just as among people. They should be fine within a few days as long as you follow the prescribed treatment. 

Keep in mind that some dog breeds are way more vulnerable to respiratory diseases than others.  These dreads need special care and attention. In addition, you shouldn’t subject those breeds to exhausting exercises. But even if you do, these are the 5 products your dog needs in breathing problems.

Change in Personality

It is very disturbing when our beloved pets start to show serious changes in personality. Your friendly dog can become quite aggressive. Your cat can seek your attention all the time when it wasn’t in her character before. There can be a number of reasons for that. Sometimes their character simply changes with age. Though, sometimes a change in personality can be only a sign of some health complications. For instance, your pet may be in pain, suffer from insomnia, or be depressed.

Overall, if you notice that your pet doesn’t behave the way it used to, it is the right time to make a vet appointment but if you don’t have free time, you can always ask for help

Weight Loss

an obese dog pug

Weight loss is a very widespread symptom of health issues. Often, when your pet doesn’t feel well, they will start losing appetite. Eventually, such a pattern leads to weight loss. In other cases, you may not even notice that your pet doesn’t eat well. In fact, they can be rather hungry every time you feed them, but they still lose weight. This shouldn’t be happening. 

A drastic weight loss, especially without a good reason, can be a symptom which you should check with your vet. Keep in mind that to avoid false scares in that department, you can check a food review to make sure your pet’s diet has nothing to do with their weight loss.

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Issues With Urinating or Defecating

The issues with urinating or defecating can be, for the very least, rather unpleasant to your pet. It causes them great discomfort, and you should get a consultation with your vet on what to do in such situations. Often, such issues are much easier to notice with dogs than with cats. After all, you usually have to escort your dogs to do their business outside. With cats, though, you only have to clean their litter box when it’s dirty. It can easily slip your mind that you haven’t cleaned your cat’s box in a few days. Though, a few days in such a position can be very dangerous for your cat’s wellbeing. 

A change of diet or medicine can help perfectly well here. However, often these issues can be a symptom of more serious health issues, such as kidney or digestion problems. Overall, before panicking, you should try some of the best top dog food for your pups and special cat food that helps the kidney work, as cats often have health complications in that department. 


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