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Making Your Older Dog’s Life Better with Dog Strollers!

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Dog parents have many duties toward their furry friends that they cannot turn their back on, no matter the circumstances. When dogs are healthy and young, traveling with them everywhere is easy.

Of course, trips are more enjoyable when they are calm, fit, and well-behaved. But a few developments can hamper this experience, such as their growing age.

A senior dog may struggle to cover a distance from one point to another that it used to cover easily by running or strolling.

With age, health challenges also prevent them from doing certain things the same way as before. You can solve their travel-related needs with a pet stroller.

While this dog gear can initially feel strange because everyone is habituated to pushing human babies in strollers, you cannot ignore its benefits for your aging canine.

Those with one find it safer than walking their pet on a leash in specific conditions. For an idea about this equipment, check ThePetstaff dog strollers recommendations.

You can find the best designs in one place with a detailed account of their pros and cons. At the same time, stroller pricing will be quickly accessible.

If you buy one for your elderly dog, focus on top-rated choices, primarily those with 4+ ratings. 

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Life with an old dog

Witnessing your pup growing into a handsome adult can be one of the finest experiences. However, after youth, a dog’s old age is another reality when it will be past its prime slowly or faster, depending on its overall well-being.

Senior dogs are usually more affectionate. Hence, your bond with them becomes stronger. Conversely, increasing age diminishes their strength, making them give up or compromise on some of their favorite activities. Think of running, for example.

They would barely find the power even to walk. Still, one cannot let go of their outdoor time entirely. This exercise must continue even if it consumes extra time due to the slower pace.

Do you wonder how? Make this experience a little better with a dog stroller. 

girl walking an old dog

Dogs like their walks, no matter their age and deteriorated speed. But their increased size and health, combined with other factors like location, weather, and distance, can pose a challenge.

You cannot lift your canine friend in your arms and walk when it gets tired or struggles to move further. Even if you do this as a practice, there will be days when you will be compelled to let it miss the daily dose of adventures.

That’s different from what you like to do. Right? With a stroller, you can ride your pet and enjoy outdoor moments together despite physical limitations. Get one soon while he is still able to hop on and off.

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Attractive features of dog strollers

You would find strollers and bike trailers in various designs promoting proper ventilation and visibility. When you explore the options, you will realize that some offer excellent mesh windows with a sizeable zip front.

For big dogs, XL and SUV XL models are accessible. These spacious carriers allow your dog to get in and out of them quickly. You can also slip them into one of them effortlessly. Don’t worry about their safety. Sturdy rubber tires will ensure they enjoy a smooth ride even on rough terrain.

When you investigate tires, look for features like suspension, lockable brakes, and swivel locks. 

It will be great if the design includes a lower basket, cup holder, organizer pockets, and a spacious main basket. While a heavy-duty stroller is valuable to your senior dog’s life, please consider how easy or tricky it is to assemble a specific model.

If you travel a lot and want to make the most of it with your old dog, pick from convertible models that quickly transform from rolling pet carriers to carrier cases.

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Old dog in staller

A few traits to be wary of about dog strollers

Review sites often discuss strollers’ stability and balance by referring to their weight and construction. Still, even a strong stroller can become tippy when too much weight is added to the back. If you do so, handle and position it well, especially when your dog climbs in or out.

For these reasons, four-tire designs, brakes, and suspension-like features become more reliable. Then, some strollers are easy to maneuver, while others demand effort.

It all depends on the use of the tire in a specific stroller. You must be more careful about this if you visit all types of terrains with your pet. In that case, a jogging stroller suitable for varying road conditions should be given preference. 

Another factor that can soon spoil your outdoor experience with your old dog is the folding issues. As you travel, there will be occasions when you will want to fold the rolling carrier to fit it into the car trunk.

If this simple thing takes time, you can find it incredibly frustrating, especially when you need to hurry. Also, it’s better to opt for one that requires little assembling and disassembling so you can zip to your destination with your beloved furry companion hassle-free.  

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Travel preparations with a senior dog

A pet stroller can renew all the excitement around traveling with your furry pal here and there. Still, you must consider its mobility issues and physical health.

If you have a small breed that is now 11 or 12 years old or a medium breed that is ten years of age, they all fall into the group of senior citizens. Large and giant dogs usually attain seniority by age 7-8.

Before going with them, consult their vets, use medication reminders, have enough breaks on a long trip, etc. Stopping after every two hours or so will prevent stiffness issues for them. Keep outdoor time flexible and short with them.

And on a hiking expedition, specifically remember to carry their stroller.

Innovative concepts and designs like rolling carriers for pets make everyone’s life easy because of their ingenuity. You can have at least one of them if you own an old dog to give it life’s best moments, even at this challenging phase. 

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