Warning Signs Your Dog Is Suffering from Heat Stroke

Heatstroke: Warning Signs Your Dog Is Dying from Heat Stroke

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Summer is the time for vacation, leisure, and fun in the sun. However, the high temperature can adversely affect your furry friend, putting them under the threat of Heat Stroke. Additionally, it is not always easy to detect if your pooch is suffering from Heatstroke. In this blog, we inform you about warning signs your dog is dying from heat stroke.

Therefore, it is absolutely important to instil a proper understanding of the same so that you can prepare for the situation and thereby help four-legged family members stay cool and healthy this summer.

Read on to know about Heatstroke and the Warning Signs that your Dog Is suffering from Heat Stroke.

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What is Heatstroke?

Contrary to humans, dogs respond to heat in different ways. In humans, the body temperature is regulated with the help of many sweat glands. However, Dogs have fewer number of sweat glands located around their noses and on their paw pads.

Therefore to cool themselves, your pooch release heat primarily by panting. And when your dog is not able to cool itself through panting, hyperthermia can easily step in.

Hyperthermia is a condition when the body’s basic temperature increases above its normal range of 39.0 degrees Celsius. And one of its most severe types is Heatstroke.

Heatstroke occurs when your pooch’s body temperature reaches 41.1 degrees or above. While there are a number of severe ill-effects of Hestsrtoke, higher temperatures and longer periods of exposure lead to organ dysfunction and a possible threat to life.

Heatstrokes are a common ailment of warmer months, however, they can occur anytime throughout the year. In fact, it occurs suddenly and without much warning. 

Therefore, watch out for these mentioned Warning Signs and assist your pooch to healthy and happy summers.

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Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stroke in Dogs

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stroke in Dogs
Picture Credit: University Veterinary Hospital.com

Watch out for these common Warning Signs to deduce if your pooch is Suffering from Heat Stroke:

1. Difficulty in breathing and excessive panting.

In case, you notice your doggo panting constantly or faster than its normal pace (a condition called hyperventilation), then it could be a result of overheating. Dogs particularly with a wide skull, flat face, and a short nose are more susceptible to heatstroke, due to the lack of efficient panting.

2. Another Sign to look for is Dehydration.

Dehydration in dogs can be signalled out by a dry nose, excessive panting, sunken eyes, and visible tiredness. In case your pooch’s gums are different from their normal colour, it could be a sign of dehydration. Look out for grey, bright red, bluish or purple gums.

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3. Inordinate drooling.

Watch out for excessive drool or drool that is thicker and stickier than normal.

4. Pay attention to your dog’s body temperature.

A canine temperate above 39°C (or 103°F) is considered abnormal. Also if your four-legged friend has a dry and hot nose instead of a wet and cool one, it can be a sign of fever.

Dog Peeing Outdoors
PictureCredits: Healthy Solutions for Pets.com
5. Inconsistent or Lack of urine is also a warning sign of Heatstroke.

Therefore, If your dog has trouble producing urine, it could be suffering from dehydration or heatstroke.

6. Shivering or Muscle tremors are symptoms of Heatstroke.

If you notice shivering or shaking in your dog regardless of outside temperature, it may be a result of Heatstroke.

7. Vomiting, diarrhoea, and Dizziness.

Frequent vomiting, abnormally soft stool, or stool with blood in it, is a Huge Red Flag for heatstroke. Furthermore, if you notice dizziness in your pooch, that is, if it is facing problems walking straight or bumping around it can be a warning sign of your Dog being affected by Heatstroke.

8. Increased pulse rate is another adverse effect of Heatstroke in Dogs.

The best and easiest way to take into account your dog’s pulse is to place your hand on their chest, close to their front elbow joint.

If the pulse seems elevated, it is a sign your dog is overheated. (Normal pulse rate differs and  depends on the size of your dog—bigger dogs generally have slower pulses, while small dogs and puppies have a quick pulse rate.)

9. Dogs affected by heatstroke show weakness and Lethargy.

These were some of the most common and detectable symptoms of heatstroke in dogs. However, there can be numerous other symptoms and also the signs differ from one dog to another.

Therefore, in case your pooch seems sick and tired, or otherwise abnormal during the hot summer months, don’t ignore it!

When in doubt, check in with the vet. Keeping your dog healthy, happy, and safe is the most important thing.

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