Is It Safe to Use Neosporin for Dogs Here Is All About the Usage, Safety, and Dosage Information of Neosporin

Is It Safe to Use Neosporin for Dogs? Here Is All About the Usage, Safety, and Dosage Information of Neosporin

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Just like humans, dogs need some immediate treatments to treat those minor infections and to relieve themselves of the pains from sudden minor injuries. Neosporin for Dogs is an ointment used for both dogs and humans to prevent minor infections. It is basically the name of a brand, some other brands manufacture the same drugs by different names.

Neosporin has the capability to fight bacterial infections and minor pains. It has a few antibiotic compounds like Neomycin, Polymyxin, and Bacitracin. These antibiotics help in fast recovery and prevent the development of infection if an even and thin coat is applied to the cuts and wounds

Are All Neosporin Available in the Market the Same and Equally Effective?

Are All Neosporin For Dogs Available in the Market the Same and Equally Effective?
Neosporin is widely available, you can buy it from any medicine store very easily, however, its easy availability should not prompt you to use this readily on your dog. 

Since different brands manufacture Neosporin, they add a few products to make their Neosporin more effective and efficient. Some of the brands add Analgesic properties to the Neosporin ointment which is really helpful as it can reduce pain. The basic ingredients are the same for all.

You need to ask your vet if it is safe for you to give Neosporin to your dog in particular situations. It should not be given to dogs unless recommended by a vet.

Even when the vet recommends Neosporin, take care of the dosage suggested and administer the medicine properly as per the vet’s recommendation.

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What Are the Uses of Neosporin for Dogs?

What Are the Uses of Neosporin for your Dogs?
Well, the vet can recommend the use of Neosporin for your dogs as long as the cut or burn or scratch is minor and it does not require any stitches.

We mostly have Neosporin in our first aid kits for emergency purposes, it can help humans in case of minor burns and injuries. Sometimes, dog parents use this same ointment for their dogs.

When the cut/burn is minor, Neosporin can be used to stop bleeding as it can act as a barrier and prevent the growth of further bacteria and infections in the wound or cut.

Can You Use Neosporin for Internal Use?

No, Neosporin is meant to be used for external use only for humans, the same applies in the case of dogs. You can use Neosporin only for external application, never inside their ears, eyes, and mouth. Take special care in avoiding sensitive areas as Neosporin can irritate the skin.

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What Is the Recommended Dosage of Neosporin?

What Is the Recommended Dosage of Neosporin?
As mentioned before, the ideal dosage of Neosporin is what the vet recommends according to the situation.

When our loved ones are suffering, we want them to get free of the pain as soon as possible. For that we sometimes overdo, this can be disastrous in terms of medicine as giving more dosage is not how medicines work. 

While you might be tempted to lather your dog’s wound with Neosporin, this is not going to benefit them. Ideally, the vet recommends that it is supposed to be a thin layer, not more than thrice a day.

What to Do After the Application of Neosporin?

What to Do After the Application of Neosporin?
If you see that your dog is prone to licking the wound, you need to wrap the wound in a bandage once you apply the ointment.

Secure the area perfectly so that the ointment gets its time to work. Or you can use a cone, wrap around your dog’s neck to stop him/her from licking.

If after application, you see that the wound is showing signs of irritation like redness, and itchiness, you need to see the vet immediately for a proper diagnosis.

Are There Any Side Effects of Neosporin?

Neosporin can have side effects, that is why it is said that you should not use Neosporin without the recommendation of a vet.

Dogs can sometimes show allergic reactions to Neosporin. Always do the patch test before actually applying the ointment to the affected area. Wait for at least 24 hours to see if the patch where you applied neosporin is not showing any allergic reactions.

If you apply too much Neosporin, it can result in other infections. The dosage has to be in accordance with the vet’s recommendation.

If by chance, your dog ends up ingesting Neosporin, it might develop gastrointestinal symptoms. They might suffer from vomiting and diarrhea.

In such a situation, contact the vet as soon as possible.

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How to Do a Patch Test?

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A patch test is very essential as every dog is different. There can be situations when your dog might react to things that not the majority of the dogs react to. For that, ensure that your dog is not allergic to Neosporin.

For the Patch Test, Follow the Steps Mentioned Below-

  • Clean a small area using running tap water and mild soap on either of their legs or anywhere on the body which is not wounded.
  • Apply a thin layer of Neosporin.
  • Cover the area where you applied the ointment securely.
  • Check the area after 24 hours to see any signs of irritation, swelling, redness, and itching.
  • If you find none, your dog is not allergic to Neosporin.

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How to Use Neosporin for Dogs?

How to Use Neosporin for Dogs?
Before using Neosporin, you need to ensure a few things.
  • Clean the wound with mild soap and running clean water.
  • Pat dry the wound to make the affected area dry.
  • Apply Neosporin in very little amounts preferably in a thin layer.
  • Put a bandage over it so that your dog does not lick the wound.

What Does Neosporin Consist Of?

Neosporin consists of three different antibiotics-

  • Bacitracin
  • Polymyxin B
  • Neomycin

All three of them kill the bacterias that develop onto the skin.

While Bacitracin and Polymyxin are safe for animals, Neomycin has been linked to loss of hearing in some animals. That is why it is said that you should never use Neosporin on your dog without your vet’s recommendation.

How Does Neosporin Help?

  • Neosporin stops the growth of bacteria in the wounded area and kills them.
  • Creates a barrier between the wound and the bacteria which prevents the entry of bacterias in the wound to prevent infections.

When Not to Use Neosporin?

  • When the wound is heavily bleeding and When the wound is deep, large, and severe.

Conclusion of Neosporin for Dogs

No matter what the situation is, the best way to go forward is always to consult your vet first before using any medication on your dogs. When it comes to the medicines that are not specifically made for dogs it is very important for the vet’s advice as not all products and medications that are safe for humans can be safe for animals.
There can be a lot of ingredients in the medicines which are perfectly safe for humans but can be fatal for animals.

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