How to Use a Dog Grooming Dryer Products

How to Use Dog Grooming Dryer Products

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You can discover a wide variety of dryers online, whether you’re a professional dog groomer or just searching for a dryer to use at home. So, you’ll need to decide which dryer will serve you best. You can learn more about how to use dog grooming dryer products when you review the features of dryers online. Therefore, when obtaining this information, you need to consider the featured dryers – looking at the merits and downsides of the products.

Heating Elements

Heating elements in grooming dryers are one of two kinds – a coil heating element or a calrod element.

Coil Heating Element

A coil heating element is typically used in a hand-held dryer that has a forced air design. The element responds quickly and safely to heating controls. However, the mechanism may also wear down faster due to the high temperatures produced.

Calrod Heating Element

A calrod heating element for a dryer resembles a burner or stove top element. Sometimes it’s referred to as a resistance heat element. 

Unlike a coil heating element, a calrod element heats up more slowly. The slow heating process contributes to the element’s longevity.

Types of Dog Grooming Dryers and How to Use Them

How you use a dog grooming dryer will depend on the type you choose to use. 

A Forced Air Dryer

For example, a forced air dryer blows out a fast-paced stream of warm air. You use this dryer to push additional water off a dog’s coat and get rid of loose and dead hair effectively. Using the dryer helps reduce brushing times.

A Finishing Dryer

A finishing dryer, as the name implies, is used to complete the drying process. It removes any traces of moisture from the dog’s fur. Therefore, you should choose this dryer to complete grooming. You can also use it to straighten the coats of curly-haired dogs.

Combination Dryers

Some dryers are designed as a hybrid model dryer – one that works as a forced air dryer and finishing grooming accessory. Therefore, you can use one dryer to cover all the drying aspects of grooming.

Cage Dryers

Some dryers are used to dry a dog’s hair while it is waiting in a cage for the next grooming step. The use of a cage dryer saves grooming time and makes it easier for busy groomers to stay organized, even when they have a high amount of traffic or they are short-staffed.

In Summation

Your choice and use of a dog grooming dryer will depend on its purpose and whether you’re using it for your personal pet or in a grooming salon. Whatever you choose, your dryer should accommodate your personal or professional needs. 

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