Why dogs pee on car tyres?

Have You Ever Paused To Wonder Why Dogs Pee On Car Tyres?

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Are you still wondering why dogs pee on car tyres? Some hidden facts explain why dogs do that. This dog’s unknown facts could have been easy to understand if dogs speak the human language. Unfortunately, they can’t, so we just have to work with the widely presumed facts that have been gathered by dog experts over the years.

Interestingly, some people believe that “peeing on a tyre” is a “dog thing” and that it doesn’t pass any message, while some other people assume that it is a dog behaviour issue. In this case, there is no right or wrong answer, however, this article will expose you to some deep dog facts regarding “peeing on tyres” that have been gathered and verified by experts, from different results of study and research. 

First, let’s acknowledge the fact that dogs are free beings, and have the freedom of expression. But, this does not imply that we can’t train them to act the way we want them to. Besides, dog training helps to improve the health state of the dog. Dogs are flexible animals, and can always adjust to training.

dog pee on the car

Peeing on tyres for dogs might not be a lack of home training, because most dog training is narrowed down to how they should behave inside the house, not outside. Although, there are ways you can restrict your dog from peeing on tyres. Read on.

So, let’s consider some facts associated with “peeing on tyres,” for dogs. For prospective first-time dog owners, these facts will help prepare your mind on what to look out for before adopting a furry friend.

Fact #1: Amazingly, dogs love to leave trails as they travel a short or long distance. Urinating on a tyre is probably one of the trails they leave for other dogs, to pass the message “I have been here!” 

Studies show that dogs’ urine carries a communicative hormone, which means, dogs can transmit messages to one another through their urine droplets, this might sound ridiculous but it’s true. 

Fact #2: For some female dogs, urinating is their way of attracting the opposite sex, to enable the male dog to sniff their scent and move in their direction, so they can eventually meet with each other, for mating purposes. Although female dogs hardly pee on tyres, they pee majorly for the above-mentioned reason. Male dogs who respond to these coded messages are mostly the ones that have attained the dog’s sexual maturity (dogs of 6 months and above).

Fact #3: Dogs obviously pee on car tyres to mark their territory. Dogs are natural territory animals; they like to declare their boundaries. So they pee on walls, poles, car tyres, gates, etc, to declare their territory boundary. When they leave these marks, they are trying to warn other invaders to “keep off!” that there is an existing lord of that territory. 

Dog peeing on tree

You probably must have wondered, “Why can’t they just pee on the ground instead of tyres?” Dogs are intelligent animals; they know that urine scents last longer on a vertical level than on a horizontal level. They’d probably leave the trail on a plane where it will last long enough to pass the desired message.

Also, dogs easily develop a likeness for tyres due to their shitty smells, since tyres roll over dirt as they move around town. Tyres carry tiny particles of garbage, excretions, dumped foods, etc as they roll on the road, and dogs can perceive these scents from a far distance.

So tyres’ super-smelling power leads these dogs to them. And, when they locate these tyres, they urinate on them to mark them as their own.  

Dogs also know that humans use tyres, so they mark the tyres to take ownership and to prevent another dog from owning that tyre. In other words, peeing on a tyre for dogs is a pretty good way of securing that property, and marking it as their own. This behaviour is predominant in male dogs because they are more possessive than female dogs.

As earlier mentioned, urinating, for dogs is not just a way of releasing an unwanted liquid from the body, nor an indication of more health issues, rather, it is a communication strategy. Just like humans send letters or message cards, this could be the same for dogs. Their urine says a lot of things, and only canines can understand these things.

Since we have established so firmly that dogs pee for crucial reasons, let’s quickly look at how to restrict dogs from peeing on tyres.

dog on leash

Home-trained dogs know that peeing inside the house is wrong, and peeing outside is right. But they also need to be taught where to pee outside. This can be a bit challenging, but it is not impossible. Here are a few tips that can help you.

Tip #1: Anytime you catch your dog aiming at a car tyre, shout at the dog or do something that lets the dog know he needs to back off from the tyre.

Tip #2: If he obeys the first instruction, give him a special treat –you can offer him his favourite meal, or just smile or play with the dog.

Another thing you can do when you pass by a car tyre is to change the direction of your movement and ensure the dog follows you.

Sometimes you might need to use an object like food or a toy to attract the dog’s attention to your side.

If you are having a hard time trying to get your dog to stay away from tyres, kindly hire a professional trainer to assist you. 

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