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Is your Puppy having trouble adjusting to your home?

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Getting a new puppy is one of the most memorable events for a puppy lover.After all, when you are adopting a furry friend for the entirety of its lifetime, you are excited about the hundreds of new memories that will accompany your new tiny friend into your home.But here comes the hardest part, you must get the dog to adjust to your home.How?There are many sure-sought ways to make that happen smoothly.Check out the following steps to make your puppy feel like its home.

Give Your Puppy Time and Attention:

All dogs are different and a puppy is going to take its own sweet time to adjust into its new home. Don’t rush him into adopting his new routine fast.A puppy will get to know the place first before identifying it as its home. If it seeks you out from time to time, be affectionate and thus try to earn his trust.Once the puppy feels secure around you, chances are it will adopt its new life faster.

Prepare Your Home for the Pup:

The bottom line of getting a puppy to feel comfortable in its new home is to give it the right environment.Your new tiny friend is an explorer, and extremely curious at that. So chances are it is going to explore its new house using the best of its abilities: its mouth.New puppies get to know new things through their mouths and will just about chew and tear anything they find!So be very careful and remove any sharp objects your furry friend may sink its teeth into.In addition, remove items such as carpets and rugs, etc. A pup will find no better place to do its business other than your carpets and if not checked in time, these could be identified as designated spots to attend nature’s call.

Change in Diet Could Lead to Stomach Issues:

Your new friend won’t be used to the new diet you will be feeding him, simply because you would need the time to get to know how much it eats.Don’t fret too much if the puppy has an upset stomach initially, as the stress of adjusting to a new home and a new diet would take time.However, if the pup suffers from routine stomach troubles, make sure you consult a veterinarian and figure out a new diet plan for the puppy.
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Your Puppy May Lose its Appetite:

Your puppy, owing to the stress of a new home and the anxiety associated with it, could eat less or refuse to eat what you put in its bowl.A puppy is unlikely to starve himself, so it will eat only as much as it needs to sustain himself. You could try giving it high protein-rich food such as chicken or ham.If it gobbles it up readily, it has a healthy appetite and is just anxious in its new surroundings. If it still doesn’t eat, take him to a vet.Puppy eating in a group

A Routine is What a Pup Needs:

It would be ideal to get your puppy to settle into a routine as soon as possible after arriving at your home.A schedule helps the puppy feel comfortable and secure in its surroundings because it knows what to expect and when. This would mean:
  1. Feeding the puppy at the same time daily.
  2. Bathroom breaks must be taken at the same time every day.
  3. Activities such as playing, going for a walk, etc must be done at the same time.
  4. Going to bed must have a fixed time as well.

Train Your New Puppy:

An important aspect of having your dog adjust to your home is to train him regarding his bathroom schedules.New puppies will be indisciplined and could do their business anywhere, so ensure you give him proper bathroom training.You will need to set the right feeding schedule for the pup too, which helps determine fewer bathroom accidents in the house. Be prepared for bathroom accidents initially, after all, the puppy needs time to understand his schedule.Also, ensure that you set the boundaries for “acceptable activities” for the puppy. If you don’t want him climbing on the sofa, be very strict about it and ensure he understands that.Don’t be lenient on your rules since it might confuse the pup of what is allowed and what is not.

Puppy May Try to Escape:

During the initial days, usually, the ones when the puppy still doesn’t consider you a friend or hasn’t found that trust in your company yet, always put him on a leash before you leave the house.Dog RunningDogs can be severely stressed in new environments and try to escape when they are out on the road. In addition, don’t leave your puppy unattended outdoors, even if it is the backyard or the garden.Puppies can dig under the fence and escape thereof. So be very careful about your puppy’s escape attempts.

Don’t Overwhelm the Pup:

It must be exciting to get a new puppy and show it off to the world but make sure the pup is comfortable with you at first.Inviting friends and family over to meet your tiny friend can put a lot of stress on the pup. He won’t be accustomed to the new faces and might get more stressed out.

Supervise Your Puppy:

Keep a stern eye on your puppy for the first few days. When you have to leave the house, make sure that the puppy doesn’t get anxious in your absence.You can do so by putting the puppy in a crate and helping it connect to the crate so he is comfortable and feels safe when you are away.Puppy SleepingYou can have his feeding bowl and bowl of water close to the crate too, just to make it easier for the dog to adjust to your home.

Build a Bond with the Puppy:

Spend quality time with the puppy. Be patient, affectionate and pay attention to your puppy when he comes to you. If the puppy approaches you on his own, it’s a sign that he is starting to trust you.Tell us how would you make your puppy feel like home.
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