Engage Your Dog in Some Fun This Lockdown!

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How to keep your dogs entertained during lockdown

Tucker looked helplessly from behind the ‘Great Wall of butt wipes’. He flipped and turned and desperately gazed at the tempting ‘chimken’ waiting for him on the plate. Linda, that’s unfair.

You can’t get bored with him. You just can’t. @tuckerbudzyn on Instagram is the ultimate cutie. And Linda, his mommy has been creating waves with exciting activities and challenges involving Tucker which serves as sugar syrup for the heart of dog lovers all over the world!

Be it those humorous dog reviews of different food items, or an adorable video of Tucker, the golden retriever, showing his furry face, you can never get enough of him. 

Let me prepare a questionnaire. Have you been lying around just scrolling through Instagram and stalking your celebrity crush throughout the day?

Has your dog been whining and tugging at your boxers, apparently wanting to go out for a stroll in the park? Do you and your pup sit side by side near the window, staring out into oblivion, doing absolutely nothing?

If your answer is yes to these questions, congratulations! You are stuck with your dog amid a pandemic! Then why drag your lazy self around with no purpose?

So as Linda plans such fun activities to do with her retriever, haven’t you too got all the time in the world to devote to your dear pooch?

See no ideas popping in your head, nigh and afar? Fret not, we have got it all covered! Here are some fun games for your dog!

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You may like flirting, and so does your dog! Well, not in the very obvious way: but the flirt pole style. This activity is perfect for high-energy dogs as it keeps them mentally and physically active in a fun way while tiring out your doggo real easy.

A flirt pole or flirt stick is a long pole with a rope tied to it. At the end of the rope, you can attach a lure to entice your dog to a chase. This whole game provides a great exercise and lets your dog use their natural prey drive instincts but in a non-destructive way.

There are a few things to remember, however. For instance, let your dog ‘win’ occasionally as a reward. This keeps the dog engaged and encouraged.

Remember if your dog has any joint or mobility problems, make sure you don’t go rough on the joints as this is a high-energy exercise.



Tug-of-war is another fun way to keep your pug engaged! It is a good physical exercise, while also letting your dog practice their manners.

Get a favourite toy and use it as a tug thing. It just has got to have a basic rule: whenever your dog’s mouth touches your hand, you stop tugging, giving the notion in the head of your friend that ‘the game terminates when I mouth my human’.

Refuting the popular belief that playing tug makes your dog aggressive or dominant when you let it ‘win’, this exercise is purely for fun and doesn’t create a negative impact on your doggo’s mind.


Playing around with bubbles is one thing that kids or dogs would love to do. Chasing them and getting at them before they touch the ground can keep the pup engrossed for a long time.

If your dog doesn’t know how to chase a bubble or suspects some evil intention, teach it how it is done by doing the activity yourself.

This just needs some precautions as the soap can irritate the eyes or the dog can ingest some of it. So make sure you keep wiping your mouth and keep the game going!


Hide and seek is one of the most loved games by any doggo. For the cherry on the cake, it’s quite simple as well. Just have your dog stay at a spot until you go find a place to hide.

Once you are done, call out to your pooch and it will try to find you by using its natural scent tracking abilities. This game is both fun and stimulating for you and your dog anytime.


As it is quarantine season with all the time in the world on your clock, why not utilize it all for something productive? Give your dog some grooming sessions for a sparkling doggo!

Hand out lots of treats to your dog during the session to ensure that it associates grooming with a positive experience. 

Confused about how to hold a grooming session at home? Check out this video for some amazing tips!


Create an indoor obstacle course for your dog with handy objects for it to jump over to the finishing point. You may use domestic stuff like chairs for it to crawl under or jump over, a basket with its toys, hula hoops, towels, or blankets. Let your imagination run riot and create your very own track!


Doggie treats if combined with a couple of games to make the same look like an accomplishment would keep the dog engaged.

There can be many treat games like a scavenger hunt of goodies, which hand holds the delicacy or the shell game where your dog has to keep an eye on the treat as you place them under the cups and shuffle them around. 

Check out how to prepare some DIY dog treats before you start the game!


If a lockdown isn’t the right time to teach your dog some interesting tricks then when is it? Teach your doggie some incredible stuff that will be new and gripping for you the duo.

Train your pooch to do some tricks like open/close the door, play dead, roll over, speak, bow, hug, or crawl.

When you are done spending quality time with your dear doggo, why don’t try something exciting? Like, make your dog famous! Read on to find out more!

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