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American Water Spaniels are muscular Gandogs, which are not attractive in appearance or performance, and are recognizable by a luscious brown coat that is either tightly curled or wavy. Working on the icy waters and marshy edges of the Great Lakes region, these spaniels are ideally designed for work: the coats are dense and waterproof, the feet are thickly padded, the toes are cropped, And the body is small, a dog to hop in and out of a cliff without moving the boat. Fans of the breed describe a merry, intelligent and versatile spaniel suited to the sport of various types of dogs. As hunters, they combine spaniels and working traits of retrieval. The key activity of American water spaniels is happiness, especially with their adorable human. An unemployed dog can be barking and destructive.

English Water Spaniel Dog Breed


The development of American breeds is a special case of “”Yankee ingenuity”” for adopting Old World material to solve New World problems. An obvious example would be how the American colonists used European breeds in the creation of the “”Konhoids”” who helped expand our nation’s westward by supplying a stable source of meat and fur. Another good example of Yankee ingenuity is the American Water Spaniel.

European immigrants who settled Wisconsin and Minnesota depended on the region’s vast water area for livelihood. Generation-by-generation he created a great new dog, the American Water Spaniel, using various European breeds to meet the unique challenges of hunting in and around the Great Lakes. Exactly how, when, or where the breed was created will probably remain a mystery. Irish water spaniels, curly-coated retrievers, and the now extinct English water spaniel have been mentioned in history as possible constituent breeds.

Their names have been lost to history, but the frontiers with the practical brains behind the American water spaniel considered the breed to have an excellent nose as well as a hunting companion, downturned waterfalls (they swam like seals, say) Fans of the breed) but such upland games as the group, quail and partridge look for birds in the spring. The breed is also known to hunt a little rabbit on the side.

Before you set your heart on this dog, be advised that the breed is rare these days. The American Water Spaniel Club estimates that there are probably no more than 3,000 in existence.

The American Water Spaniel entered the AKC Stud Book in 1940 and in 1985 was named Wisconsin’s official dog.

General Appearance

The American Water Spaniel was developed in the United States as an all-around Hunting Dog, ready to receive from a skiff or canoe and operate with relative ease. The American Water Spaniel is an active muscular dog, ranging in size from a Marseille to a curly coat. Emphasis is placed on the proper size and symmetrical relationship of the parts, texture of the coat and color.

English Water Spaniel Dog Breed


This is an excellent dog breed, they are easy to train and are commonly healthy


This breed is prone to allergies, they need a lot of maintainence and are stubborn
English Water Spaniel Dog Breed


The gestation period in lasts for 60-64 days The primary period of the reproductive cycle of the female is called Proestrus and goes on for around 9 days. During this time the females begin to draw in males. The subsequent part is the Estrus when the bitch is receptive to the male. It goes on for around 3 to 11 days. The third part is the Diestrus. Usually, it happens around day 14. In this period the bitch’s discharge changes for distinctive red and reaching its end. The vulva gets back to average, and she will no longer allow mating. The fourth part called the Anestrus. The time span between heat periods ordinarily keeps going around a half year. The litter size ranges between 6 to 8 puppies at a time.


A lot of work is needed to keep this breed in good condition. English Water Spaniels need to be groomed on a daily basis. It is essential to have a dog’s hair cut by a professional groomer. Daily brushing of a dog’s coat is essential to reduce shedding. Ears and eyes should be cleaned regularly to avoid infection. Don’t skip seasonal flea treatments either. Dog nail trimming and dog baths should be on a weekly schedule. Taking good care of your English Water Spaniel is time consuming and requires excellent grooming skills. If you don’t have the time and skills search for the best dog groomer or clipping service in your area and book an appointment. You might be lucky enough to have a dog boarding service, which includes grooming or walks in nearby dog ​​bathing locations.


As with all breeds, early socialization puppy training classes are highly recommended. Socialization – gently exposing the puppy to a wide variety of people, places, and conditions between about 7 weeks and 4 months of age – will help him develop into a well-adjusted, well-driven adult. American Water Spaniards are often isolated with strangers, and some may have a touch of stubbornness, but are happy creatures who want nothing more than to please their owners. This makes training them easy and fun. Given the energy and innate talents of this breed, owners and their dogs enjoy participating in canine sports together such as tracking agility, barn hunt, and flyball, as well as field events, which allow the dog to flush the game and Teaches to get waterfowl.


American Water Spaniards are outdoor athletes who love hunting and swimming, so they require adequate exercise. Without sufficient activity, they can bark and become destructive. A minimal, vigorous game session with your owner or a Companion Dog in the park or large backyard is needed every day. However, they actually succeed when they are given a job to hunt and hunt great – after all, it is in their DNA. Attending field trials or obedience, agility, or dock diving events will give the American Water Spaniel a chance to burn off that extra energy in a positive way.


American Water Spaniels should perform well on high quality dog ​​food, whether it is commercially manufactured or prepared with the supervision and approval of your vet. Any diet should be appropriate for the age of the dog (puppy, adult or senior). Some dogs are at risk of being overweight, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level. Treatment training can be an important aid, but giving too much can lead to obesity. Know which human foods are safe for dogs, and which are not. If you have any concerns about your dog’s weight or diet, check with your vet. Clean, fresh water must be available at all times.


As with all breeds, most American water spaniels will live longer and healthier lives, given proper care and regular veterinarian visits. A responsible breeder will test the breeding stock for health concerns such as hip dysplasia, eye disorders, cardiac abnormalities and degenerative myelopathy.

Recommended health tests from the National Breed Club:

  • Hip evaluation
  • Cardiac examination
  • Ophthalmologist evaluation
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