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Ariegeois is a breed of myrrh hound native to France. Developed by crossing several other French hound breeds about 100 years ago, it is one of the youngest breeds in France.

The dog is known to be extremely affectionate with its family and is very good around children. This is a breed that owners can shower with kisses.

Ariegeois Dog Breed


Although Aryazov is a relatively new breed, it has ancient roots. This odor hound is a combination of three others; Briquette, Grand Gascon-Santongosis, and Grand Blue de Gascon, all of which have come from France. During the Dark and Middle Ages, hunting with hunters became extremely popular with the French nobility. However, after the French Revolution, the middle class began to hunt and at the same time lost most of their land and privileges during the French nobility struggle. As the middle class could not afford to keep large dogs such as the Grand Gescon-Santongosis and the Baleau de Gescon, they resorted to using briquettes. These dogs became increasingly popular in the newly formed Arise Department, located along the Spanish and Andorra borders. While it is not at all clear, the hunters in Arise finally decided to develop a unique, pure type of briquette. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that the breed, known after its homeland as Aryazov, was developed at some point between 1880 and 1912. The breed liked its ancestors Grand Grandele de Gascogne and much like Gescon-Santongisis, but with the shape of briquettes and preferred game. Aryzio also became one of the most finely constructed of all French scent hounds. After World War 11, the number of the breed had decreased dramatically, but thankfully did not reach significant levels and by the late 1970s, the number was almost at pre-war levels. Despite being known as an excellent hunting dog throughout France, it is rare elsewhere. Although it is unclear whether any Aryzoys have yet been imported into the United States, the breed was given full recognition in 1993 with the United Kennel Club (UKC).

General Appearance

As noted, Aryzois is similar to other French odor hounds. What is the difference in this breed, what is its size. Aryzio is smaller than the Grand Blue de Gascogne and Gescon-Santongioise and is more finely made. The breed is moderate in size and is considered extremely muscular for its size. Arysoi should always look fit and trim. The head is proportional to its body. The length of the skull is approximately along the muzzle. While Arysois has some excess skin on its face that is found in many wounds, it is somewhat less. Aryego’s nose is prominent and black. The ears of this breed are very long, droopy, and usually quite wide. The eyes are brown and their overall expression is usually bright and alert. The neck of the Arrowaves is thin and arched and the chest is narrow and deep. His ribs are well sprung with a strong, sloping back. They should have a straight foreleg and a strong, powerful hindley. The legs are stiff and fox-like and the tail is slightly curved. Aryegois generally weigh about 28–30 kg. Males should stand 52–58 cm tall, and women 50–56 cm.

Ariegeois Dog Breed


This is an intelligent dog breed which is very easy to train and requires very little grooming. They were very equipted with handling their alone time and they loved kids as well as other animals.


This breed is not the best choice for apartment enviornment as well as office enviornment. They are prone to health issues
Ariegeois Dog Breed


The gestation period in lasts for 60-64 days

The primary period of the reproductive cycle of the female is called Proestrus and goes on for around 9 days. During this time the females begin to draw in males. The subsequent part is the Estrus when the bitch is receptive to the male. It goes on for around 3 to 11 days. The third part is the Diestrus. Usually, it happens around day 14. In this period the bitch’s discharge changes for distinctive red and reaching its end. The vulva gets back to average, and she will no longer allow mating. The fourth part called the Anestrus. The time span between heat periods ordinarily keeps going around a half year. The litter size ranges between 6 to 8 puppies at a time




They should perform well on high quality dog ​​food, whether it is commercially manufactured or prepared with the supervision and approval of your vet. Any diet should be appropriate for the age of the dog (puppy, adult or senior). Some dogs are at risk of being overweight, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level. Treatment training can be an important aid, but giving too much can lead to obesity. Know which human foods are safe for dogs, and which are not. If you have any concerns about your dog’s weight or diet, check with your vet. Clean, fresh water must be available at all times.


This breed has boundless energy. They are highly intelligent and are required to do the job. Early socialization is necessary, and training at an early age is important. They are a strong powerful breed with incredible speed and need a lot of space to run. It is not a breed that thrives in a busy urban environment or suburbs unless it has a lot of activity, nor is it a breed for kenneling. He prefers to hang out, where his strong herring and safety instincts and his bond with his territory and his “people” keep him from escaping.


Aryjoy’s brief history means that he has not shown himself to have a genetic predisposition to any specific diseases and is considered a healthy, relatively trouble-free dog.

Aryozy’s long and falling ears mean that it is susceptible to ear infections that are usually minor and easily avoidable provided you clean them regularly.

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