Christmas food that you cans hare with your dog

Christmas Food That You Can Share With Your Dog

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As Christmas is around the corner, we should know that Christmas is for humans and your pet dogs. With so much festivity around, your dog will definitely crave some of the delicious Dog meal that it must be smelling in the house. 

People celebrate Christmas with huge pomp and show for over a week with all friends and family merrily talking over delicious dinner every day. The delicious food attracts your pet but do not give in to the puppy’s eyes and share with your dog whatever food you would be having as that is highly ill-advised. 

There are many things from the vast array of dishes served during Christmas that are deemed okay to share with your dogs, but you must be aware of all those food items, your dog’s allergies(if any) before feeding it with any dish served on your Christmas table.

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List Of Christmas Food Dogs Can Eat


white turkey meat for dog
Clean, white turkey meat cooked without seasoning is fine to give dogs in small amounts.

Turkey is the most popular and most loved food for a Christmas dinner. Lucky for your dog, turkey is one of the Christmas foods dogs can eat but without all the sauces and gravy put on the top. Turkey is rich in protein and vitamins, thereby becoming an excellent substitute for the otherwise staple diet of your dogs. 

Make sure you give them the plain turkey as the gravy can cause them stomach and pancreatic problems. The bones present in the turkey, if not removed, can cause tears and splinters inside the dog’s mouth and stomach.


boneless meat for dog
Salmon can be fed to dogs in small amounts until it is clean, fresh, boneless and cooked properly.

No other food is topping the turkey, but salmon is also a very relished Christmas food, and the best thing about it is that it is safe for your dog to have it too. Salmon is a very healthy food item brimming with amino acids and omega 3 oils, which are essential for various bodily activities and functions like healthy digestion, muscle building, maintenance of their shiny and furry coat, and above all, is necessary for growth. 

So if you have salmon, this is one Christmas food that dogs can eat.

Also, there’s no need to share your food with your dog. They can not digest as much salt, gravy, or spice as we humans can.

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Green Vegetables
Vegetables are a great source of fibres, minerals, enzymes and phyto-nutrients for any dog.

Vegetable are always a great option to keep in mind if nothing else. Vegetable like Peas, Carrots, Cucumber, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts can be some of your top choices to feed your dog as they can also easily be found on your dinner table on Christmas. 

The vegetables mentioned above are some of the many vegetables that can be shared with your dogs. Still, there are also vegetables you should avoid giving to your dogs like onion, garlic, leeks, etcetera. 


Potatoes should always be either baked or boiled with no seasoning before giving to your dog in small amounts.

Potato have already been mentioned under vegetables, but since they are found in abundance, can be made in more than one type and is also safe for your dogs, I am mentioning it separately. They are super fibrous and high in vitamins that are great for digestion and, depending on how it would be cooked, can prove to be a great Christmas food for your dog. 

They are rich in minerals and manganese, phosphorus, and starch, which can cause stomach ache in dogs. One must always keep in mind any food item for dogs; anything fed in excess can harm them. 

This can be made in various ways, but it would be at its optimal form when made in a mix with sweet potatoes as they are equally healthy and nutritious. Potatoes would be best if served boiled and mashed without any extra added ingredients.


Fruits for dogs
Fruits contain antioxidants that are really good for dogs and can be great snacks.

On Christmas, the dinner table is filled with all sorts of eatables, fruits being one of those many items that are also safe for your dogs to eat.

Cranberries are also a great option available for dogs. Extremely nutritious and full of antioxidants and vitamins, cranberries can be given to your dogs along with something as if eaten alone. They can be a little too sour. 

Cranberries being an excellent option for dogs does not say anything about other food items like cranberry sauces being suitable for your dogs. They actually might not be such a great food item to feed your dogs.

This was the list of Christmas food dogs can eat, in moderation and under guidance. Now let us look at the food items you must avoid giving your dogs. Christmas time can be a little hectic as many families have guests over, do not overlook your dog and what they are eating as this is when someone else can feed them or eat something from the floor. So try to make sure that you are around your dog to oversee what they are intaking most of the time.

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List Of Food Not For Dogs


artificial sweeteners
Christmas desserts contain artificial sweeteners which are toxic for dogs.

Desserts are appealing to everyone, even your dogs, but they can not intake as much sugar as we can. Christmas is the time that brims with all kinds of Sweets, Cakes, Pies that can all contain Grapes, Raisins, and other ingredients that might not be healthy for your dog at all. 


As mentioned above, vegetables like Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Anchovies, Chives, etcetera can be gravely harmful to your dogs. 

These vegetables are not served raw but are present in most of the dishes like gravy, dips, any/all cooked vegetables. Even when you serve your dog turkey or salmon or other boiled vegetables as their share of Christmas dinner, make sure you do not give them anything spicy or dipped. 


Alcohol is harmful for dogs
It’s good to keep the Alcohol in Christmas away from your dog as Alcohol is harmful for dogs more than humans.

This does not need to be mentioned as it is considered common knowledge, but alcohol is harmful to dogs. It has much more severe effects on a dog’s body than on humans’. 


Food containing high amounts of cheese or anything with high-calorie content must also be avoided. Food items cooked in cheese sauces or eaten with cheese dips should also be kept away from your dogs. 


In the above list of Christmas food for your dogs, I mentioned turkey and salmon, which have bones necessary to be removed. These bones can cause tears and splinters and might even be hard for them to swallow.

6. The Cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks harmful for dog
Cinnamon sticks or cinnamon oil are not recommended to leave nearby dogs because if consumed in large quantities, it can cause skin & digestive irritation to your dog.

Cinnamon is mentioned separately because cinnamon sticks are ubiquitous during Christmas and can be found everywhere. Make sure to not toss around any to your dogs as cinnamon in itself is so harmful, plus it is also going to have an unhealthy amount of sugar.


Artificial sweeteners found abundantly in all festive desserts like pies and cakes are generally not pet friendly. AS like xylitol are considered very harmful for dogs and can induce insulin release on intake. 

They can lower the blood sugar level and can be very hazardous for the liver when taken in excess amounts. 

  • Vomiting, 
  • Convulsions, and 
  • Lethargy. 

So be on the lookout for any of the symptoms mentioned above.


Enjoy with dog on Christmas


Do not let your dogs out of your sight in such a festive household. Either stay with them throughout or keep them in their house or a room where they will not have access to any food leftovers. Or ignorant members of the family who would share with dogs all they are having without knowing whether it is appropriate to share with their dogs or not.


If you notice signs of dizziness, bloating or swelling, or some pain in your dog, do not waste time and immediately consult your doctor because the most obvious cause would be either overfeeding or wrong food item intake.


Moderation is essential for all Christmas food that dogs can eat. Since you are looking for food items to feed your dog during the festive season, please keep in mind that their stomach is not accustomed to this food, and if given in excess, it might affect them adversely. 


The food items mentioned above are generally okay for dogs to intake but not regardless of everything. Do make sure you take your dog for regular check-ups to find out their allergies so that you can avoid those food items all year round. 

White suitor white dog

The festive season is right around the corner, and the excitement is all around, so make sure to have fun with your dogs and indulge them in all the fun activities while keeping in mind everything that was just listed out. 

On the festive and joyous occasion, do not forget that health always comes first. It is more important to keep in mind the health of your dogs as they would not be able to get themselves across, and you have to bear the responsibility of the consequences that would be rendered later on.

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