Dogs Sense Pregnancy Insane Secrets Uncovered

Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy? Insane Secrets Uncovered

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Dogs are undoubtedly human’s friends and the most fascinating thing about them is their strong sense of smell. They can detect and remember a wide range of scents. The sense of smell in dogs is 10k to 100k more powerful than that of humans. In this blog, we inform you about Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

When a person becomes pregnant, the body odour will likely get altered due to the changes in her hormones.

Dr Ann Hohenhaus, a staff doctor at New York City’s Animal Center says that “ I suspect that dogs can smell something we cannot.” She also adds that “Dogs have 60 times more smell receptors than humans and 40 times of dog’s brain power is dedicated to smell, which allows them to differentiate a wide range of aromas.”

Do you believe that even dogs can suspect pregnancy? Yes, your best friend can sense the pregnancy even before you or any other person in your family comes to know about the good news.

Do they observe emotional or behavioural changes in you?

Do they observe emotional or behavioural changes in you - Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

Many people believe that a dog can clearly notice a change in a pregnant person even before we do.

When you become pregnant, you will be noticing that there are some behavioural changes even in your pet. It will be exciting to see the new baby or it will be disturbed as the focus of the owner will be getting shifted towards the new baby. So in order to make it feel comfortable with the good news, you need to follow certain tips.

So, Let us move on to notice what are the tips to prepare your dog for the baby’s arrival.

What are the tips to prepare your dog to welcome the new family member to the home?

Your little best friend will be too excited as a mom-to-be or dad-to-be are.

They will be very curious to know that a new sibling is coming home and will be overlooking the baby’s arrival.

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Tip # 1. Make them comfortable and prepare them to get used to new routines and new situations.
Tip # 1. Make them comfortable and prepare them to get used to new routines and new situations.

Your pet needs a walk, but as a pregnant dog, you can’t walk long distances, so take it for a short walk. It even needs a cuddle and wants to be fed regularly. Give it smaller cuddles and show the same care and affection towards it.

It understands you better. So prepare your dog to adjust to new routines such as shorter walks or shorter pet time. 

Give it time to settle into new situations.

Tip # 2. Introduce your pet to some of the baby products.
Tip # 2. Introduce your pet to some of the baby products.

Introducing your baby stuff to your pet is the best way to familiarize your pet with the new situation. 

Give linen or clothing used by your baby at the hospital, or can take it for a walk along with a stroller, etc. It will feel comfortable and become happy to welcome the new member to the home.

Tip # 3. Train your pet to follow some signals.
Tip # 3. Train your pet to follow some signals.

Teach your dog some common signs like sit, move, go, wait, stay, etc and it will follow them promptly and will make boundaries when it comes near the nursery. It always obeys you.

Tip # 4. Introduce your new baby to your dog.
Tip # 4. Introduce your new baby to your dog.
Everyday life at home with dogs

Use the right verbal language or symbol to introduce your baby to the dog. The dogs will be so protective towards the new baby and it takes care that there should be no harm to it.

Tip #5. Keep the yummy treats handy.

Give some treats to your dog to teach it some symbols. It will learn everything quickly. You can reward it with something for good behaviour.

Why can dogs sense pregnancy and hormonal changes in humans?

Why can dogs sense pregnancy and hormonal changes in humans?

The hormonal changes during pregnancy produce a peculiar odour that can be sensed by a human and of course, dogs being too sensitive to the smell, they will easily recognize that you are pregnant.

The HCG levels in the blood will be higher during pregnancy and this strong smell can be easily noticed by your pet as their sense of smell is 10k to 100k times better than human

How early can a dog sense pregnancy and are they protective of the pregnant owners?

Your pet can detect pregnancy as early as your first trimester. It is because the pregnancy hormones in you start to produce in your body even at the 2nd week and these hormonal changes in your body smell can be noticed by your dog at an earlier stage only.

You will also be noticing that there will be certain behavioural changes even in your pet also. Some dogs become more protective towards the owner during this phase and try to stay closer to you. As your baby bump grows, the protectiveness also will increase.

Suppose if you are playing some sport like tennis with your family, your pet will alert you by barking loudly or coming towards you to avoid playing if it is becoming more intense. It can sense the stress on your body and will make you stop playing.

They also protect you if you are doing things that will put pressure on your body thinking that it will hurt the baby inside. 

Conclusion of Dogs Sense Pregnancy

Conclusion of Dogs Sense Pregnancy

Dogs are your ultimate best friends. They can sense even a slight change in their owner’s behaviour.  If you are happy, if you are sad, if you are angry, they will notice everything and even a minute change in the home will make them understand what is going on.

So, when you become pregnant, it won’t go unnoticed by your bestie. It will sense the bodily changes, behavioural changes and even hormonal changes. 

But along with your behavioural changes, there will be some changes in the behaviour of your pet also. You need to prepare it to adjust to the new happenings in your family.

According to some experts, most dogs will adapt themselves to new changes and environments, but some of them may take time. They will adjust but you need to show such pets a little more extra love, care, and affection and you need to spend a bit of time with them.

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