Benefits of Children Growing Up With Dogs

Benefits of Children Growing Up With Dogs

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They say that dogs are a man’s best friend but what is more accurate is that dogs make the best companions around if you have children at home. In this blog, we inform you about the Benefits of Children Growing Up With Dogs.

Growing up with a pet dog at home can teach a lot of valuable life lessons to your children, like kindness, loyalty, compassion, responsibility, and so on and so forth.

Even children have a lot to offer your pet dog in terms of playmates and companionship. Both dogs and children enjoy an energetic playmate and a cuddle buddy during sleeping.

It is important for parents to take all this into account when their child asks for a family pet and not just brush aside his idea.

There are a lot of positive impacts that these miracle workers have on you and your children, some of which will be discussed as follows.

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Dogs give confidence

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1. Babies who grow up with dogs tend to get less sick than those that don’t.

Certain studies, especially a recent one from the Kuopio University Hospital in Finland showed that babies who have grown up with a pet dog in the household are less likely to be affected by allergies than babies who have grown up without one.

Dogs increase exposure to mild degrees of germs, thereby possibly increasing the dog’s level of immunity.

2. Dogs give confidence to young readers.

Children who are just learning to read often find it difficult to read around others as they become more self-aware and conscious of their reading. But with a dog, this self-awareness does not come into play.

Dogs love hanging around children and reading out loud to them will increase your child’s confidence in their reading abilities.

3. Kids who have grown up with a canine buddy around are less likely to develop allergies or asthma.

Children who have a dog at home have a lesser chance of developing any kind of allergies, rashes, or asthma.

This can again be attributed to the fact that growing up with fog has made their immune system a lot stronger than other kids.

4. Dog owners have healthier hearts than non-dog owners.

This may primarily be due to the fact that dog owners are generally less stressed, more relaxed, and happier at heart than non-dog owners.

It is quite evident that being around your pooch can reduce your stress levels, blood pressure, and heart rate considerably.

5. Kids with dogs have a more active lifestyle.

With the current lifestyle of children, it is very difficult to drag them away from their smartphones and tablets.

However, having a dog at home ensures that your kid goes out regularly and gets the required amount of physical exercise.

Dogs love playing around and going on runs and this will force your kids to go out and lead a more active kind of life. This leads to increased and improved health for children.

6. Dogs help kids with autism a lot.

It has been found in a study by the University of Montreal that the levels of stress hormones in a child with autism go down dramatically when they are around a dog.

There are trained service dogs who can provide “animal therapy” and help your children feel better and happier.

7. Siblings who grow up with a pet dog around are closer to one another.

It has been generally noted that siblings often bond over their shared love for the family pet dog. This leads to decreased sibling rivalry.

They learn values like sharing, compassion, and kindness from the dog. From sharing responsibilities over the dog to plain old playing in the backyard, a dog can bring siblings a lot closer.

8. Children who grow up with dogs have a lesser chance of eczema.

According to a study from the University of Cincinnati, it has been seen that children who have grown up with a dog are four times less likely to develop eczema than children who have not.

9. Dogs help kids become more social.

It is true that having a dog at home helps kids become more social, control their impulses, and have good self-esteem.

They develop a friendly attitude as they are approached more often walking with a dog than kids who don’t have a dog. Having a dog at home also teaches kids to be generous and patient.

10. Kids who take care of pet dogs grow up to be more responsible.

Having a dog at home entails a lot of care and attention. This is a great way to teach your kid how to be a responsible and dependable person.

Taking care of the dog’s needs, sharing chores and responsibilities, babysitting the dog, and other acts like that will teach your kid to be a grown, responsible adult.

You can always remind them to be responsible for their friend and help them grow into reliable, mature adults.

11. Kids grow up with a loving companion.

Your dog is just as happy to see your kid come home from school as he is to see you come back from work.

They are a loyal and constant companion for your child and will never let your kids feel lonely. Having a dog at home is a great way to teach your kids the value of friendship, love, and companionship.

These are some of the numerous benefits of having your children grow up with one or more dogs at home. They develop lovable and well-rounded personalities.

Plus the fact that they look absolutely adorable while together with their furry buddy is an added bonus!

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