A to Z of the cutest royal breed Teacup Pomeranian

A to Z of the cutest royal breed: Teacup Pomeranian

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Teacup Pomeranian is definitely the cutest and the most active of all dog breeds. Though it’s subjective, nobody would disagree that Teacup Pomeranian is an extremely cute and playful dog. They look like little cute teddy bears roaming around the house, full of life. They are fluffy and have different traits which make them one of the most favourite breeds of America. 

If you are planning to adopt a Teacup Pomeranian, you need to read this to know what you are signing up for. They are the kind of dogs who have an extremely sweet temperament, love to train, love to learn new tricks and never get tired of playing. 

This breed loves to learn new tricks, is extremely playful, very competitive, and obedient. They can be happy in a little home too if you happen to have one considering their small compact size.

History of Teacup Pomeranian

There is misinformation worldwide that Teacup Pomeranians originally are from northern Poland and Germany. Well, here is to prove you wrong. They actually originated from the Arctic region. In the Arctic, they were bred as sled dogs.

They get their name from this place called Pomerania which is located in northern Poland. That’s not because of their origin but because Pomerania is the place where these dogs were raised as pets for the first time and hence the name.

The Discovery of Teacup Pomeranians goes back to the 18th century. They gained fame because of the royal family. The royal families of Great Britain and Ireland adopted them and they got famous.

Because of their adorable nature, they were given different names by dog lovers worldwide. Their famous names apart from Teacup Pomeranian are Toy Pomeranian, Mini Pomeranian, Miniature Pomeranian, Teddy Bear Pomeranian, Zwergspitz, and Dwarf spitz in Deutsch to name a few.

 Regardless of all the names, they have been given by dog lovers, Teacup Pomeranian is still the most famous and the most common one.

Teacup Pomeranians are a small-sized breed of dogs. They weigh somewhere between 1.36 to 1.81 kg. This breed has a short and compact body. They have a small lightweight body, very good flexibility, and adaptability. They are perfect pets considering the compact little houses and apartments modern families have.

Their eyes are their most prominent feature. They have big round eyes and very cute little ears. Teacups are all fluffy, hairy. They look like a snowball. Their head shape differs from one to another. Mostly they have three types of head shapes.

They have an extremely thick coat with soft hair and a creamy texture. Initially, the breed used to be a little larger than it is now. It would go on to become 9 kgs. It used to be heavy and a little larger than today.

The Pomeranian breed is one breed but full of diversity within. This breed constitutes different traits. They are of different colours. Some common colours for eg. are-

Teacup Pomeranian
  • Red– This colored pomeranian has a rust and red-colored coat. This is very rare and if you happen to find one, adopt them really quickly. The people who have a good knowledge of colours can actually understand their colour as it is not red and not even orange. It is somewhere in between.
  • Orange– These colored ones have an orange coat with black stripes. They are actually orange. They may confuse colour blinds with red and rust tones. Colour enthusiasts can differentiate though.
  • Beige- They are born white, but as they age, their coat turns slightly cream beige. They can be easily confused with the white ones but they differ. They have a little yellow and brown mixed to white which makes it an amazing beige-cream colour.
  • Lavender- dogs come in this trendy colour too, It is a very pretty baby purple with a hint of grey to it. The clothing industry is a little late in making this colour the colour of the year. Our little pups were naturally born with this one.

Also, they come in some more colours like pure white and tawny.

Life span

Adopting a dog is like adopting a baby. You love them equally if not more and without realising they become an essential part of your life. But the law of the Universe says that birth and death are the different sides of the same coin. So as a matter of fact, they will die. The worst is they leave before you. They die before your death. You have to witness their loss in your life if you plan to adopt one. They have a shorter life span than humans, just like every other dog.

But in the case of Pomeranians, there is an advantage as their life span is obviously shorter than humans, but is longer than usual dogs. You get to have them with you for longer than any other dog. You get the opportunity to witness and feel their love for a few more years than any other usual dog you might think of.

They show signs of ageing between 10-12 years. If you take proper care of them, feed them a healthy diet, and take care of their activity and training along with treating any health complications that might arise with their age, they can live up to 15 years of age. Basically, to ensure that they live a long and healthy life, you need to practice a healthy way of life with them as a routine.

Because of their lightweight and smaller size, they are mostly free of diseases, they live a longer life than an average dog.


Teacup Pomeranian Behavior

Pomeranians are full of energy, very playful, and extremely friendly. They are like a ball of energy and all they love is cuddling and playing around. It’s surprising how these little bodies are packed with this much energy. They never tire, always full of energy. This breed is famous for its loyalty and love. They show loyalty to the maximum extent to their owners. They love their owners the most.

One drawback is, they are not very friendly with little kids though they love adults and other people in the family. Maybe they are a little bit jealous of children and do not want the diversion of attention from them. 

Though, they do not do much out of jealousy except for barking. So obviously never a threat as such, once they are familiar and secure with the children in the house, they will be more fun to be around. You can work upon making them play with the children so that they become friends and jealousy is gone.

How to care for them?

This is extremely essential to know specifically when it comes to pomeranian. You need to take special care of them as they are a special breed.

They are very small in size so there are high chances of any kind of accidents in the house or on roads. You can not always notice them running around the house, they can hide behind the curtains and furniture, etc as it’s very easy for them. Considering the amount of energy and bubbliness they have, they might run on the roads, you need to take care of that.

Their small size makes them prone to accidents in the house as someone might accidentally end up sitting on them or stepping onto them.

They might die if they jump off a height like from your arms or from the bed or cupboard. Extreme precautions need to be in place if you ever plan on adopting the Teacup Pomeranians. Make sure that the house is dog friendly and there are no sharp objects lying around which might cause injuries to your little furry friend.

One more thing that needs to be done is their regular checkups at a veterinary clinic to ensure that they are healthy. Checkups ensure that if anything is developing, it can be detected and then diagnosed at the initial stage itself.

Pomeranians get hyper and get afraid when they hear loud noises and sounds. They need peace and quiet places for their peace of mind. So you need to ensure that your house is a peaceful place if you are planning to adopt them.

It is advisable not to have the Pomeranians if you have little kids in the house altogether. Little kids might make noises and play with the Pomeranians in a way they might not appreciate which is trouble for them and besides Pomeranians do not like kids much.

Pomeranians are the kind of dogs who love company all the time. So if you happen to stay out of the house for more than 4-5 hours, it is advisable not to adopt them.

They are social dogs and face anxiety and stress issues if they are without company for long hours. It might even impact their behaviour in the long run. They will be stressed and further attract many diseases like diabetes etc. It is better to leave them with someone they love, at someplace they are comfortable if you happen to go somewhere urgently.

The stress can make them scratch the walls, chew the shoes, toys, clothes, and damage the house. In the process, they might end up hurting themselves. So It is advisable to be with them or leave them with somebody but avoid leaving them alone.

But don’t worry, if you need to go on a normal outing, choose the restaurants and bars which are dog friendly. Even if you want to go out for a few hours without them, worry not. Leave them with enough food and water but come back to them soon.


Teacup Pomeranian Training

Teacup Pomeranian love to learn new tricks and they are very fast learners. They however have a shorter attention span compared to other dogs. So you can train them while ensuring their training sessions are shorter so that they actually learn with full focus.

Training is extremely important for them just like other dogs. Sometimes, because of their extremely cute looks, we don’t pay enough attention to their training and end up spoiling them in the process. They have needs like normal canines no matter how different they look.

If you do not shape them by appropriate training, they get spoiled. It is very important to train them otherwise they might develop ‘small dog syndrome’ and will be extremely hard to handle. It is important for them to get training just like other canines to live a healthy and peaceful life.

Cost of Teacup Pomeranian

You might have guessed by now considering the fame and uniqueness that this particular breed has that they are expensive. They are really expensive and hard to find which further increases their cost. They can cost as low as 500 dollars to as high as 4000 dollars.

The cost differs from country to country. Sometimes the cost even depends upon the colour and other diversities of the pup. Sellers can even sell you a non original pomeranian at the cost of an original pomeranian so be aware of that. There are a lot of scams going on, you actually need to be sure that you are buying an original and not falling into traps.

Try to buy from trustworthy and reputed sellers. Try to check all the details and origin stories just to be sure.

All can own them!

The best thing about them is that even the people who are allergic to dogs can adopt this particular breed. If you show mild or low allergic reactions to dogs, you can tolerate them. They do not shed much hair so it’s good for people whose allergy is not severe.

You can have all the fun even if you are allergic and have never been comfortable in the presence of a dog. This can be an opportunity for you to have a pet in the form of Teacup Pomeranian that you will cherish all your life. Besides you get the love of a dog and loyalty that can not be explained in words. 

And the cherry on the top is their cute and adorable looks which are like a little teddy bear following you all around and playing in the house.

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