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5 Easy Tips of Lockdown Guidance for Being a Happy Dog Owner

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The global CoronaVirus pandemic has created a state of complete lockdown in most countries worldwide. The fear of being infected aside, this pandemic has billions of individuals locked away in self-isolation behind the safety of their homes. In this blog, we inform you about 5 Easy Tips of Lockdown Guidance for Being a Happy Dog Owner.

5 Tips to Make Your Dog Happy

While humans seem to be having a tough time socially distancing themselves from the world, dogs seem to be the happiest of all the species. After all, the one thing pets love is being around their favorite humans 24 hrs a day.

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Frankly, this constant attention can become an exhausting task to keep up with. Especially if you are someone who has to “work from home” things get more difficult for sure.

Just imagine you are on an important video call with the ‘who is who’ of the company and just right about them, your dog comes in and greets everyone onscreen with a woof or something equally ridiculous.

In case you do lock the door for some privacy, there is bound to be weird noises and constant scratching from the other side of the door.

So, why not do some special brain stimulation and training session with your dog. Its fun, it is definitely the perfect opportunity to invest in some education time with your pet.

The Walk Time

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Dogs love their walk time. How many of you had to literally control a goofball frenzied and hysterical tail-wagging dog every time you wore your walking shoes or picked up the leash?

  • Lockdown worldwide has implemented a set of country-specific rules for dog walking. If you are a healthy individual with no infection or restrictions, you can take your dogs out for a walk but it should be limited to a few hundred meters or just a few blocks at most.
  • Ensure to protect yourself well with masks, gloves, and full-length clothing. Though there have been no official reports of dogs being infected with this specific strain of the virus, as a precaution, you can always put on a hoodie while walking the dog outside.
  • In case your dog has a habit of being off-leash, ensure that they are always leashed during this walk. Things can go wary at any time, so having constant control over your dogs’ movement is a must.

Walk-in circles a few times around the same pathway to exercise your dog and also to tire him or her a bit. Exhaustion makes them calmer and much less hyper-energetic.

In case, you do have a treadmill at home, then you are one lucky human. Just hop on it and see your dog do the same. Run a couple of miles on it with your dog and the exercise quota for the day is done and you have one happy but an exhausted dog.

The Command Learning Time

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There is no other better time than now to teach your dog a few extra tricks. The general command of hi-five, paw, sit, etc are pretty basic tricks that almost all dogs can follow and interpret.

But do you know that dogs are highly intelligent breeds and can recognize over 100s of commands and words? Dog training is only a matter of having patience and giving some time every day to stimulate their brain.

Worried about how to train them? Youtube alone has thousands of command training videos besides some of the best pet websites and documentaries available online. It is only a few minutes of research and that’s all. 

Dogs need constant attention from you or at least something to do at all times. What better way than teach them new tricks and some cool jobs.

After all would it not be fun to have your dog fetch water from the fridge or open the door to receive the mails and newspapers or even dial the phone?

The Obstacle Course Game

Have you seen the numerous recent social media posts called the “Obstacle course challenge”? If yes, then you know how much fun these challenges are. Take some time out of every day despite your work from the home schedule and create these obstacles all around the home with general everyday house products.

From toilet papers, shampoo bottles to tubes of toothpaste and mugs or jars, anything can be used to create these obstacles. Some even used transparent tapes and ropes to create barricades and impediments and some used bottles to make treat-dispensing toys to keep them busy after treats.

 Dogs love these kinds of activities. Their natural curiosity and inquisitiveness can show some really awesome and creative end result that will have you wondering if your dog is a genius or just dumb.

The Pampering Time 

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Dogs love to be pampered and cuddled. Studies have shown that a dog that is given sufficient enough attention and cares each day is much calmer, social, and happy. They are just like small children. 

Knowing that you care and love them, keeps them satisfied and calm rather than seeking constant attention. Amidst the lockdown, you are at home 24/7, so sparing some time every day that is simply dedicated to caring and pampering your dog is definitely a positive attribute.

  • We are all in the middle of seasonal change, which is right about the time all dogs have some amount of shedding definitely. Ensure to groom them for a few minutes every other day to facilitate a faster shedding of the coat.
  • In addition to dog grooming, caring for their nails is also very important. In case you do have nail trimmer at home, trim their nails rather than wait for the next vet appointment.
  • there is no other perfect time as now for bathing, conditioning, and spa treatment for your dogs. This will only ensure better and rejuvenated fur and skin.

Experiment with Food and Treats

ginger bread

The global lockdown is turning even the most untrained cooks into master chefs all around the planet. Experimenting with food has become the new favourite
hobby thanks to the absence of maids, chefs, and food delivery businesses.

Keeping in mind the dietary needs of your dog, what fruits and vegetables they like and dislike, and the vet’s recommendations, experiment with new cuisines and baked goodies and treats for your dog. Dogs are foodies, so any face crunch and odd comedic expression will clearly tell you if they like it or not.

Who knows? Maybe this lockdown season, you will actually discover that your dog loves broccoli cookies more than chicken stew!!!

Amidst the world chaos and worldwide lockdown, spend some time getting to know your pets better than before. This is one special period that will never come back. Each day spent getting to your dog will only surprise you with new quirks, habits, and mannerisms that you never knew of before.

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