3 Popular Yet Complex Reasons for Indians Choice Of Owning Purebred Dogs

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It’s a slow day at this pet shop in Connaught Place and the customers trickling in have been few and far between. The pet shop has birds, fish and a few hamsters. Yet the owner isn’t too bothered with the flow. In this blog, we inform you about Complex Reasons for Indians Choice Of Owning Purebred Dogs.

dog sleeping on a couch

Over the last 2 days, the business has been brisk with the sale of pure breed huskies and Rottweilers he reiterates. The demand for them throughout the year never abates and he’s constantly having to source such purebred dogs.

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Given how much they mean to us at a basic level, especially dogs who are the most gentle, loving creatures, it is astounding to find how many people actually buy exotic breeds.

People and especially Indians go to great lengths to own pedigreed or purebred dogs, often coughing up huge sums for animals that may not be native, that may not be suitable for our country and its climes and will need a huge investment to maintain and keep.


Yet visit any dog kennel or animal store, and there are breeders who put up purebred dogs for sale for huge sums that are totally disproportionate to the purchase, with people going to great lengths and spend huge sums to own.

This phenomenon of discarding local breeds as something ‘less than in favor of foreign ones as akin to a ’pure pool’ has been rampant since several decades.

Let us examine some of the reasons responsible for this, and why people traverse any lengths to fulfill their need for one.

German Spitz Mittel
  • Pure breeds signify social status – For people who are careful about appearances and what that signifies, pure breeds epitomize a better class. They take pride in where the breeds come from, what it means to them and their societal worth.This has a very personal, psychological connect and popular culture has only strives to underline this even further. The 2003 Vodafone ad is a case in point, that prompted the search and sale of pugs across the country. Pure breeds were originally brought from outside the country, but today many are bred here or they can be adopted. Their choice depends on the size of the house, care that they need and other factors.
Purebreds look good with the family 

Because of their breed and specific traits, such dogs have a certain look that is very distinctive.

Purebred puppies of St.Bernard and Dalmatians look glorious even when little.


When it comes to purebred v/s mixed breed and their choices, a dog is a dog, giving unconditional love. 

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