Dog Trends You Can Expect in 2021

Dog Trends You Can Expect In 22

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The pet industry is like any other, coming with a host of trendy new products and services year on year. Dogs are at the centre of much of the action, being doted upon in a myriad of ways. Some of them catch on and gain a great deal of media coverage and attention, spurring owners to try different things with their pooch. Whether it’s in the interest of improving their health or embarking on more fun and games, there are one or two dog trends you can expect to see a lot more of in 2021.

Therefore, here are the dog trends we think you’re likely to see!

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1. Pooch Food Innovations

It used to be that people would feed their dogs any old thing, from scraps out of the fridge to the cheapest (and unhealthiest) food money can buy.

However, the intricacies of a good diet are constantly becoming more and more researched by the buying public.

Pet food companies are rising to meet this surge in demand too. A good example of this change can be seen on the Time for Paws website. This company even offers a range of vegan dog food, meticulously designing each of its products to comply with a host of lifestyles and preferences for pooch and owner both.

2. Pooch Fashion Statements

Pooch Fashion Statements

Pet fashion has been around for a while, but its purposes are the thing that is undergoing significant change.

People have been dressing up their dogs for years, but typically, they would only do so on special occasions.

However, as noted by The Guardian, pet fashion has risen exponentially in popularity recently, sparking a surge in demand and manufacturing for these types of products. Some of these outfits are of the silly kind again, but others are more practical, such as coats that keep dogs warm on their walks.

Reflective jackets are also an option, making pooches more visible when roaming the outdoors. The joke of pet fashion is still alive and well, but the funny side is fading, with a more practical side rising in its place.

3. Pooch Portraits

Of course, when pets start looking healthy and well-dressed, the logical next step is to capture their radiant majesty forever.

Pet portraits are now in all the ranges, whereby owners pay for an artist’s impressions. The works can be painted on a canvas, or digitally created via photoshop and other similar tools on a computer.

Miraculously, one doesn’t need to harbour much talent to make waves here. BBC News covered a man named Phil Heckels, who recently raised £20k for charity from his pet portraits, despite his claims of having no discernible talent. He has since received thousands of additional requests. For a good cause or not, people’s artistry is bringing out the soul in people’s pooches, capturing something that no camera alone can manage. Expect to see plenty more pet portraits in the future!

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