Which Dog Breeds Make the Best Running Partners

Which Dog Breeds Make the Best Running Partners

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Running is an excellent exercise that helps maintain a healthy weight, build stamina and endurance, improve muscle tone, and improve mental health. Suppose you love running and want to have a companion for this activity. In that case, getting a dog might be the best option. However, not all dogs are ideal for running. Some dog breeds are not healthy enough to keep running long distances. Therefore, if you’re looking for a running dog, it’s essential to research the different dog breeds that make the best running partners.

If you already have a dog, consider consulting your veterinarian and having a physical checkup to ensure your dog is safe for long-distance runs. However, if you have yet to decide which dog breed to settle for, the list below will help you:

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1. German Shepherds

German Shepherds

German shepherds are known for excellently performing in physically demanding jobs such as running, police work, and search or rescue assistance. These dogs are good running partners as they’re strong, energetic, and athletic, so they can keep up with fast and long-distance runners. To learn more about German shepherd’s speed and other dogs, consider checking out Neewa Dogs.

Although these dogs are great running companions, their running capability depends on their health and built-up endurance. In other words, just as you can’t expect an untrained individual to compete in a long-distance race, so does a weak German shepherd. Therefore, train your German shepherd to help build stamina and endurance for long-distance running.

2. Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls

Many people fear pit bulls because of their fearsome reputation and size, but with the right environment, these dogs are nice and friendly. They have a lot of energy to play and run around, making them great running partners. 

Their solid muscles and close-to-the-ground body makes them great sprinters. However, Pit Bulls shouldn’t run more than 3 miles as they don’t have the stamina and endurance for long-distance runs. Therefore, pit bulls are not ideal running partners for individuals looking to lose weight or practice for marathons and cross-country runs. They’re only excellent for individuals training for sprints and other short runs. 

3. Vizslas

Vizslas - Best Running Partners

Vizslas are medium-sized dogs that were traditionally used for hunting. They have great endurance, tenacity, and speed, which are essential for long-distance running. Vizslas are highly preferred because they’re gentle, friendly, and love outdoor activities like camping, hunting, and long-distance running. 

If you want a dog for marathon training, camping, and hiking in the woods, vizslas are a good choice. However, you must keep up with the dog’s needs and be affectionate, as the breed responds well when it’s cared for as a family member.

4. Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Labradors are fantastic running dogs for beginners as they’re friendly, enthusiastic, outgoing, and easy to train. These dogs are medium-sized and weigh around 70lbs to 80lbs, with about 21 to 24 inches in height when fully grown. They also have short hair, soulful eyes, and floppy ears. Labradors aren’t ideal for sprint running but have incredible stamina, making them suitable for long-distance running.

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5. Greyhounds

Greyhounds - Best Running Partners

Greyhounds are part of the sighthound species and are the best running dogs for fast runners. This is because they’re the fastest dogs worldwide, reaching a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour. Greyhounds love running but aren’t ideal for long distances. Therefore, these dogs are great running partners for runners working to increase their speed.

6. German Shorthaired Pointers  

German Shorthaired Pointers

German Shorthaired Pointers are members of the gun dog family that loves outdoor activities such as running and hiking. They were traditionally bred because of their hunting instincts, as they are versatile in hunting all types of animals, including rabbits, deer, birds, and even monkeys.

Just like German Shepherds, German Shorthaired Pointers are great for sprinting, and long-distance running but require stamina and endurance training to get in tune with long-distance running. Additionally, German Shorthaired Pointers love running alongside their owners as they require exercise and mental stimulation.

7. Weimaraners

Weimaraners - Best Running Partners

Weimaraners originated from Germany and were traditionally bred for hunting in dense forests. They have tremendous endurance, stamina, and high energy levels. Moreover, these dogs are fearless but very friendly to their owners. These qualities make these dogs perfect running and camping partners. However, this breed requires a high level of care and commitment from the owner.


Dogs are always gentle, friendly, and loyal to their owners. They’re also the best running partners you can find, as they offer love and companionship and motivate you to keep exercising. 

However, with so many dog breeds out there, choosing a species that’s suitable for you can be daunting. Therefore, researching the best dog breed is essential to avoid choosing the wrong one. You don’t want a dog ideal for short-distance running while you’re a long-distance runner. 

If you’re looking forward to selecting a dog breed that can make an ideal running partner, consider the ones discussed above.

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