Top 10 Guard Dog Training Centres In The World

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Dogs are famously intelligent, obedient, and trainable species. They take well to firm and systematic training and learn new tricks and methods easily and quickly.  Dogs offer guarding services that make them indispensable in a lot of households. However, without proper training, there may be aggression issues and unwarranted attacks. It is very important to establish boundaries with guard dogs and that is why we’ve brought to you a list of the top 10 guard dog training centres in the world.

At number 10, we have Highland Canine Training Centre LLC, based in the USA. This is a diverse dog training business sprawled across a 23 plus acre property in North Carolina.

The highly experienced team of trainers offer data-driven, scientifically-backed solutions to the canine training industry in America. Their aim is to enhance the global standards of dog training, protection of military and guard dogs, and overall improvement of the quality of life of people and their pets.

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At number 9 we have Jennifer McCarthy World Class Dog Training Centre in the USA. The California based training centre has trained dogs for A-list celebrities, Fortune 100 executives, security agencies, and private individuals all across the States.

They help train dogs for various purposes, like narcotics, bomb detection, SAR, Police K-9, personal protection, military purposes, and more. Every dog is trained in a different way using different methods. Training methods aren’t disclosed for security purposes.

This majorly reliable agency prioritises customer security and ensures that the dogs are well-trained and taken care of.

At number 8 we have Top Tier K9|K9 and People Training Home of the Foundation Dog in the United States of America. This Florida based agency provides basic obedience training to dogs first and then moves on to advanced training programs.

They train pets, service dogs, protection dogs, and police K9 in their highly advanced training centres in Florida and Georgia. The team comprises training experts, professional master and pet trainers, decorated combat veterans, and award-winning teachers.

The agency provides training in basic and advanced obedience, narcotics and bomb detection, search and rescue, personal protection, tracking, and even as service dogs for disabled individuals.

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At number 7 we have the Royal Dog Training Academy in the United States of America. Based in the state of Beverly Hills, this training academy’s motto is to impart high-quality canine training in a short span of time.

The training team sources innovative dog training techniques from all across the world – Germany, the USA, Russia, Israel, Turkey, and more. The academy has won numerous awards in dog training and trainer training services in both the States and Russia.

They train dogs for general purposes, service to mentally or physically challenged individuals, and police and military work.

At number 6, we have the Tom Rose School of Canine Training. Tom Rose, a professional dog trainer who has been personally in charge of training over 300 dogs has been in this industry since 1968.

He has numerous awards and accolades to his name. With an impressive record of winning competitions and was the first one to coin the term “imprinting” with reference to dog training. The main campus is located on a sprawling 26 acres property with two climate-controlled training buildings and advanced equipment for general, obedience, police, and military training.

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At number 5 we have K9 Security Ireland, an institution that raises the high standards, trained dogs that are taught to obey and protect their owners at all costs.

The dogs in the academy start training as pups and by the time they are fully grown, their training in protection work, tracking, and more is complete. The academy claims that dogs trained by them act as an alarm, defender, deterrent, and companion all at once.

K9 Security Ireland
Picture Source: K9 Security Ireland

At number 4 we have Kraftwerk K9 Training Centre. Wayne Curry, the man in charge of training the dogs in this institute, was highly interested in training and learning about dogs, especially German Shepherds, as a kid. On growing up, he pursued his passion and went on to become a professional dog trainer. He is learned in the three-pointers of training – tracking, obedience, and protection.

Wayne has trained numerous dogs since he quit his day job to become a full-time trainer at his academy, Kraftwerk K9. The first German Shepherd that Curry trained has won the title of Pacific Northwest Schutzhund Champion.

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At number 3 we have the Hollen Dogs Training Centre located in Imphal, India. The dogs are meticulously trained and taken care of in India’s best training centre. They train and rehabilitate dogs and impart obedience, tracking, and protection training to these dogs. They also prepare dogs like German Shepherds or Rottweilers for police work and tracking purposes.

At number 2 we have Protection DogsTotal K9, a protection dog training centre located in Driffield, United Kingdom. They are an elite dog training academy that imparts all kinds of canine training, including protection training, work training, obedience training, and more.

They also provide dogs for police work, prison guarding, and tracking purposes. The academy excels in selecting and training family protection dogs so that owners can rest assured that their dogs will keep burglars and other miscreants at bay.

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At number 1 we have the world-famous Guard Dog Training Centre. Located in the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, this training centre imparts professional guard dog training to Schutzen 3, FBI, and IPO dogs.

Their international reputation has taken them to countries like Germany, Belgium, and France. The founders of this family institution are Fred and Luana Osmani who have trained dogs for professionals.

Their business is entirely based on recommendations. The Guard Dog Training Centre has trained dogs for protection, military, police work, and has imparted general obedience training as well.

These are the top 10 dog training centres across the globe. It is said that a well-trained dog is a pleasure to own. If you’re looking to have your canine companion trained by professionals, do try one of the academies mentioned in the list.

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