Top 10 Websites Every Dog Owner Must Know

Top 10 Websites Every Dog Owner Must Know

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It doesn’t matter if you are a new dog owner or have been one for decades, there is so much to keep learning about them. Be it dog care, health, nutrition, or DIY hacks, the dog world is simply huge and thanks to the numerous websites dedicated to them, we can equip ourselves. In this blog, we inform you about Dog-Related Websites.

How much do you know about your dog
How much do you know about your dog?

Here are the top 10 dog-related websites that help you understand more about your best friend and also make life easier for both of you!

1 American Kennel Club

When it comes to all dog things, the American Kennel Club has become a sort of gold standard. They are one of the oldest (135 years old!) and largest organizations which maintain a rich registry of purebred dog breeds. 

Though the AKC is based in the US, it stands as one of the most esteemed and trusted sources for dog-based information. They have everything ranging from help in choosing the perfect breed, expert advice on breeding, training, nutrition, and health, products for dogs, and also conduct contests and events regularly.

Picking a line from the website itself, ‘If you’ve got dog questions, we’ve got dog answers’ – and that is exactly what they do. The AKC website serves as a one-stop for all your dog’s needs.

2. Vet Info

Vetinfo is a great online repository for all information related to dogs and cats. You will find a large collection of articles based on dog diseases, illnesses, symptoms, healthcare tips, nutrition, and the latest findings in the field. This website is great for every dog owner to be aware of the range of issues that a dog might face.

As the website itself states, the articles are a way to update dog owners and inform them about the various problems and issues related to dogs, and cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. They strictly advise consulting a vet for diagnosis and so do we.

3. Modern Dog Magazine

Modern Dog magazine is one of the largest dog-based magazines in the world. Head over to their website, to know all about the latest happenings in the dog world from their lifestyle, wellness, health, food, travel, training, and DIY pieces. They also host exciting contests like photo contests and other events from time to time.

Modern Dog Magazine
Image from Bring Fido

4. Bring Fido

Not all of us have the courage to leave our dogs at home while we go holidaying around the world. We wish to take them along but are not aware of the various rules and restrictions that come with dog travel. Well, here’s a solution.

The TripAdvisor for dogs, Bring Fido is the top travel website for dogs and their friends. The website helps you book the perfect vacation for you and your dog, by listing out all the pet-friendly accommodations around the world.

It also provides information on airlines and international guidelines. You can also find restaurants and other dining options that allow dogs.

5. The Bark

The Vogue of the dog world, The Bark is a leading dog-centric magazine that mainly focuses on dog culture, lifestyle, and news. You will also find plenty of interesting articles related to training, food, and activities. 

Along with these, it also features dog stories from around the world, allowing people to share their experiences with their best friends.

It also includes fictional stories, poetry, and other writings related to dogs. One of the distinct characteristics of this website is its dedication to exploring the bond between humans and dogs.

6. Dogster

Yet another dog-based magazine, Dogster is packed with the latest dog stuff you need to know. Along with the latest news and health care, it also has plenty of articles that attempt to answer the most common questions every dog owner has.

It also has a separate magazine for cats, Catster and you can check it out if you have one of those as well. Dogster is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and over this long period, it has developed as one of the most favourites and trusted dog magazines.

7. Purina Petcare

Purina Petcare is a subsidiary of Nestle and they have a rich collection of dog and puppy-related information on their website. It is especially popular for its information regarding puppies, which covers a wide range – from the point of choosing and bringing home a puppy, to its healthcare and growth milestones.

If you are a first-time pup owner, you will greatly benefit from this vast house of information which will help you understand your pup’s behaviour, what to do in each stage of growth, and other useful tips for puppy care.

Top 10 Websites Every Dog Owner Must Know

8. Cesar’s Way

If you are a dog enthusiast, then the name Cesar Milan will be all too familiar for you. Cesar Milan is one of the most recognized dog behaviourists/trainers in the world and he rose to fame with his hit television series – The Dog Whisperer, which was broadcast in over a hundred countries.

If you wish to know more information regarding dog training, dog care, and dog psychology, then head over to his website Cesar’s Way to learn from the pro himself!

Along with regular blogs and articles with really useful tips and information, the website also features really good training programs for dogs. These programs are widely appreciated and also help boost the dog-human relationship.

9. Fitbark

The Fitbit for dogs, FitBark works with the motto of ‘getting dogs and humans healthy together. Fitness is very crucial for all dogs, especially for larger and active breeds like German Shepherds.

Fit Bark has fitness trackers embedded with GPS, which are specialized for dogs and they ship most of their products worldwide. It will help you keep track of your dog’s activities and regulate his playtime accordingly. You can also find useful information related to dog fitness on their website and it will help you plan your dog’s workout routine.

10. Dog Stores

Not all of us have dog stores that are easily accessible close to us. That’s why online dog stores have become more convenient and they also offer a wider range of products to choose from than our regular stores.

Chewy, Petsmart and PetCo are leading online dog stores which provide a wide range of dog products (Check availability in your region). Only Natural Pet sells a good variety of purely organic and eco-friendly products. Apart from these, dog brands like Pedigree and Drools also have online deliveries in certain areas. If you don’t have these stores for your region, there’s always Amazon to save the day!

And of course! There’s us. Monkoodog is a leading up-and-coming dog platform based in India. You can always visit us to check out the latest news, dog care, health, nutrition, training, grooming, and plenty of other information that every dog owner seeks.  You can head to our YouTube channel for interactive and informative videos that will help you understand your best friend better!

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