The ultimate checklist on 'How to cut your puppy's nails

The Ultimate Checklist on ‘How to Cut Your Puppy’s Nails?

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“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag its tail” – Kinky Friedman. 

If you’re a new dog owner, you will always feel overwhelmed and stressed while taking care of a puppy because you don’t have any kind of experience with handling them before. 

One of the overwhelming experiences includes cutting a puppy’s nails

67% of first-time dog owners don’t know how to cut their puppy’s nails, and it’s completely okay! 

Most people don’t know the process and instruments required to cut a dog’s nails. 

It’s completely different than cutting your nails… 

But you don’t have to worry as we have discovered an Ultimate checklist of instruments and techniques required to cut a puppy’s nails with ease. 

By reading this blog post, You’ll figure out what instruments and processes are essential while cutting a puppy’s nails, why it is vital to cut their nails at the right time, and finally, how to cut a puppy’s nails. 

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So without any further Ado, Let’s get started! 

When to start cutting your puppy’s nails

When to start cutting your puppy’s nails - How to Cut Your Puppy's Nails?

Nail trimming is a ridiculously simple procedure if done correctly! 

Yes, I mean it… So don’t agree when your professional dog groomer charges you a bomb for it. 

But Nail cutting can bring an anxiety-driven experience for your dogs and little puppies. Hence you should always start the nail trimming process when your dog is young to get the hang of it, and certainly don’t crib as adults! 

Most of the dogs will patiently sit on your lap during the process, while some may need some form of restraints. 

The first important step to understand in the process is making your little dog comfortable. Always be patient and have a gentle and positive attitude. Make sure you always use safe, dog-friendly clippers or grinders.

What are the steps to familiarize your puppy with the trimming process? 

Step 1 on Day 1 – Allow your puppy to sniff the nail clipper and grinder to be comfortable with the object, and always treat them and praise their efforts. 

Step 2 on Day 2 – Attach the nail clipper or grinder gently and patiently to each paw. If you complete the task, praise and treat your puppy for being patient with you! (Trust me, they love being rewarded) 

Step 3 on Day 3 – Try to cut a nail or two so that your puppy gets comfortable with the sound of their nails being cut and the vibration. 

Step 4 on Day 4 – Try trimming their nails and offering many praises and treats if your puppy allows you. Repeat it each time for at least two months until he lets you do this and doesn’t seem to mind anymore. 

Step 5 on Day 5 – Keep working on it and practice; even when you don’t actually cut a nail, just pretend to do it so that your puppy is comfortable with the process and motions and gets used to it. 

Why is it essential to cut your puppy’s nails at the right time? 

Why is it essential to cut your puppy’s nails at the right time?  - How to Cut Your Puppy's Nails?

Wild dogs travel from region to region for hunting, and it will naturally wear down their nails without any human help. Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

But it’s not the case with domestic dogs and especially puppies, due to the safe environment we have provided them.

If you leave it unchecked, their nails can grow too long, and when that happens, you’ll notice their every footstep loudly as they walk on a tile floor. 

The long nails that grow over a period of time can set the problem of Arthritis over time, creating a painful condition requiring a VET’s attention. 

Puppies can easily tear their paw nails while running or playing, and the obstacles on the streets can prove fatal for your dog’s nails. In an extreme situation, the nails grow so long that they tend to twist and curl around, making it more painful even to stand! 

How to Trim your Puppy’s Nails at home? 

You will be able to find several types of dog nail trimmers that include clips, grinders, and other instruments specifically designed to groom dogs. 

It’s always a great idea to keep some styptic powder or other clotting powders in case of bleeding during nail trimming. 

Here are some stupidly simple steps to follow for a proper puppy nail cut

  1. Pick up their paw firmly and gently place your thumb on the pad on their paw and your forefingers on top of it above the nail. Just make sure your dog’s fur is not in the way. 
  1. Push your thumb up a little bit and backward on the paw, while pushing your forefingers ahead; this act extends the nail. 
  1. Start with cutting only the tip of the straight nail, then slide the clip deeper into the nail. 
  1. Absolutely avoid cutting past the curved area of the nail; otherwise, there are chances you may hit the pink spot that contains the blood vessels, which might prove to be painful for your dog. 


Cutting your Puppy’s nails at home is extremely easy but an overwhelming process for those who are new to handling a pet. 

But the important thing is to get educated about the process and know how to do the minimalist stuff at home to avoid excess spending. 

The thing here is to always Trim your dog’s nails using a safe tool. 

To conclude, I’ll highlight the summary for you. 

  1. Only trim a small part of the nail at a time; hold the dog’s paw firmly and gently. 
  1. Cut from the top of the nail and slide the clip down to the bottom, avoiding the pink spot. 
  1. Always hold the Grinder towards the top for a better grip. 
  1. Try to keep your dogs comfortable and note down areas of sensitivity. 
  1. If your dog has long hair, please keep it away from the cutting tool to avoid it getting caught. 

See, It’s that simple, Don’t worry at all! I understand cutting your puppy’s nails can be difficult for most owners, but we are always here to help… 

Speaking of nail cutting for so long, How do you cut your dog’s nails? Is there any crazy ‘Ninja’ technique you would like to spill out?

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