puppy dressed up in a tuxedo for his new parents who never came.

Tuxedo dressed Puppy keeps waiting for new parents only to be left abandoned at the rescue shelter

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Dogs are a lifetime responsibility which many do not ponder upon while deciding to get one. Abandoning them is a crime in the eyes of the law and a very emotionally distressing event for a dog.

Vincent, a tiny cute little puppy, was rescued by Fundacion Rescatame animal shelter in Columbia. Post his initial health checkup and care routine, Vincente was ready for adoption. When the family whose name has not been disclosed came forward to adopt Vincente, everyone expected Vincente to get himself a loving forever home finally.

Vincente was beautifully dressed in a Tuxedo and patiently waiting for his new owner and playmate’s arrival on the scheduled date of adoption. However, things didn’t go well for the tiny cute bundle. At the very last minute, the family backed out of the deal to only leave behind the sad puppy at the shelter.

Many often question Rescue center and Shelters about their rigorous and extensive adoption procedure. The hassle of multiple verifications and paperwork often becomes a source of complaint and frustration for many people looking into adopting pets. However, despite so much of the care being taken in choosing the right family, dogs are often mistreated or abandoned like in the case of Vincente.


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The Columbian rescue center posted Vincente’s heartfelt story of abandonment on their official  Facebook page only to receive thousands of requests for adoption from all over the world. Many even wanted to donate for Vincente’s care until some right family came forward to adopt him finally.

It did not take Vincente to find his forever home thanks to the right humans worldwide. This incident is a stark reminder, why adopting a dog is a way more healthy option than buying one from a breeder or Puppy Mills. For more adoption stories from Vincente’s rescue shelter, you can check their official website.

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