Video of a dog dancing after seeing his food has netizens laughing worldwide

Video of a dog dancing after seeing his food has netizens laughing worldwide

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Dogs are expressive beings. They enjoy being very vocal about how they feel at all times. From pestering us for attention to giving us company when we are stressed, they are loving and playful beings who keep us happy and all kinds of mental stress away.

However, what dominates their mood is often either their families or food. It is rare to find a dog, stray, or pet that is not driven into a bunch of exciting expressions when someone gives them attention or food.

If the said dog is a Golden retriever, things can get more humorous and funny. Baker Barnes is one of those adorable dogs famous for its comical and laugh-worthy tactics. His parents probably have spoilt him rotten in a good way because expressing his thoughts is never a problem for this hilarious dog.

Baker loves his food as much as he loves his family. But each time his food arrives, Baker has a customary tradition to follow. He happily dances around for a minute or so, celebrating the arrival of his food before eating it.

His love for carrots, endless episodes of swimming at the nearby lake is completely outshined by his love for food. When the Barnes family noticed the repeated dancing episodes, they decided it’s time for the world to also see Baker’s adorable dance moves too.

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The minute-long video once posted online spread like wildfire, and people from all over the world began to comment and share it. It did not take Baker to become an instant social media star after the video went viral on 20th Sept 2020.

‘We rate Dogs’ a well known social media influencer reposted the video with the title, “14/10 top tier tippy tap. This is Baker Barne who dances every time his food arrives.” garnering furthermore public attention.

The video has over 1.3 Million views on Twitter alone with over 143 thousand likes and upvotes. Sometimes it is videos like these that we need to boost our morales.

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