The Big Fur Ball is up to some ‘DRAMA’. Check out the adorable video!!

The Big Fur Ball is up to some ‘DRAMA’. Check out the adorable video!!

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Furbabies, whether young or old, are often in need of some pampering. And their need for attention intensifies particularly when they get upset with their humans. However, a treat or two, a few ‘I’m sorry’s here and there, and some patting is usually all that’s required to reach their heart. Well, adhering to the same scenario, this delightful video captures one such moment and it is just lovely beyond words.

This video was posted on Reddit about a day ago and has been circulating online, delighting the netizens, for quite some time.

The adorable clip features a fluffy dog ​​named Ralphie, showering his mommy with some serious side-eye. The big furry boy is upset with his Mamma about something and the clip unfolds to show what Mommy does to secure Ralphie’s forgiveness.

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Check out the video and see if you can hold back from grinning at this furball’s adorable dramatics:

In the video, the dog’s mommy asks the bog furry pooch if he is mad at her. And well, his response makes it clear that he is. However, as soon as Ralphie hears his mother say ‘sorry’, he forgives her and jumps in for a big hug.

The video, posted about 22 hours ago, has garnered over 31,000 upvotes and tons of comments from netizens. Users commented about Ralphie’s adorable reaction and behavior.  While another user commented about the big buoys dramatic streak and wrote-. Newfoundland dogs are quite dramatic babies. However, it’s worth it.

This charming video was also posted on Ralphie’s Instagram handle, with the user name ‘ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss’, as well.


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